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    the board of nursing will send you one just call and ask

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    I have a question regarding productivity, my agency tries to have us see 7-10 patient a day, they tell us that if we have an oasis then they will bring it down to 6 visits which has not happened, they dont have a plan to give us overtime or per diem if we we dont get done within 8 hrs so they go thru and doc our drive time to get us down to 8 hours, one weekend I had 20 visits and 7 admits and was in trouble for not having it all done by 8am monday morning, it sometimes gets overwhelming, my mileage is about 50 miles a day with an average speed of 22 mph as calculated by my BMW, one thing good about them though is the health insurance is good, found out yeasterday I had severe tendonitis and possibly carpal tunnel syndrome, thankfully my insurance is covering it. If I ever go to the office to finish paperwork they tell me that I should not have to do paperwork in the office because I should have it all done in the home (they yell at me if my visits are over 30 minutes long) I am considered full time which is 37.5-40 hrs, my productivity averages 37 visits a week with about 6 oasis, and I get paid for 38 hrs/wk the drive time from the area where I do my am visits is about 45 min drive time from where I do my pm visits, and since lunch break and mileage are from the timed from finishing the last am to the 1st pm, lunch usually consists of rolling down my window and sniff the fries cooking at wendys as I drive by while I get docked for this time and this mileage, does everybody have this situation? our paperwork from the day before is due the next day so I usually get up at 5am and work on the from 5-7am, I am considered full time, the other nurses are not full time and they only accept 5-6 patients a day and end up taking the full 8 hours, your opinion?