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  • Mar 27 '12

    I just went to orintation fpr LPN-RN. I am in my mid 30's and thought I was too old.But guess what. I was lumped into the 5 maybe 6 students who were under 40! Almost everyone literally 80% of the class was in their mid to late 40's. I say go for it.

  • Mar 22 '12

    I finished my LVN (I live in CA) when I was 48 and graduated with highest academic honors in my class and was also the oldest person in my class. I just found out today that I was accepted into a LVN-ADN bridge program that starts this fall! I am 50, but in a few weeks will be 51 years old and this summer I will be going to be in nursing school for my RN. For me it has been a dream of mine to be a nurse and to have my RN. After my RN I would like to get my BSN then who knows, I would love to teach nursing someday. Age is just a number, and what I have learned is that we can pull from our many past experiences and can help us in many situations. Go for your dreams, life is too short!

  • Mar 1 '12

    mds1 I was referring to the Excelsior program (as this is a thread in the online distance learning/Excelsior program).

    Other programs offered by Excelsior (such as the BSN program) that has distance learning & online courses not just credit by examination qualify for Federal Financial aid.

    Financial aid for online students - (The only credit by examination program at Excelsior is the LPN/medic/RT to ASN program)

    I think because this thread was "trending" recently there may be some posters that may not realize that this is a thread in the Excelsior College program and not a general nursing thread.

  • Feb 29 '12

    1. do you take the classes/courses in order or don't have to?
    *** no you do not have to take them in oder**

    2. are you finishing your general classes first or doing both?
    *i started with my nursing classes and when i needed a break from the nrsg ones i'd take a gen ed in between**

    3. can i get all the classes for the degree thru excelsior or are there some that we can't get?
    **ec will review any transcripts you have and tell you what requirements are left to fulfill the adn program. you have your choice of taking online classes for gen eds, or excelsior college examinations (the nursing theory courses are ece exam, which basically you download the study guide, read the recommeneded textbooks and take an exam in order to "test out" and recieve college credit for those courses.

    4. from reading it seems you can only start classes in march or may (as far as the soonest classes) is that correct?
    * see above..the online classes start are certain times a year, the ece exams you schedule when you want to take them.

    === you should probably fill out the application and have your transcripts sent over to ec, get your unofficial transcript that shows what classes are needed. some general education requirements you can take through clep, dsst, dantes, local community colleges, and, and info lit at penn foster, for much less than you would pay though ec.

  • Feb 29 '12

    honestly, it's probably going to be a couple weeks now. I work the rest of this week, only have next Weds off, and I have 3 appts that day already. Probably two monday's from now. Guess I better get an A with the extra time!

  • Feb 29 '12

    Praise the lord, they felt bad enough for me and gave me a one time gratis to retest without a fee!

    I could kiss that lady who approved it right now!

  • Feb 29 '12

    I got a loan through Sallie Mae. They do have repayment plans where you can defer repaying until you are done or just pay the interest until you're done. Good luck!

  • Feb 29 '12

    Quote from snowiebella
    I filled out a FAFSA but then saw where you can't use a federal grant for the Associates in Nursing degree at Excelsior? Did you try to get scholarships or get a loan? I am a single parent so hope to find some financial aid. Trying to get that worked out so I can start soon. Any input would be appreciated.
    So far I've just been paying myself.. It's hard but I'm determined..

  • Feb 29 '12

    I went through Excelsior for my ADN a long time ago. Ran into the same financing issues, then, to. What I did was to:
    ---applied for every scholarship I could find from PEO, lions club, ELKS, My church, any all all civic organizations, Professional Womens organizations
    ---I signed up for money from my hospital with a 2 yr program to work there after graduation. Good way to keep a position and 2 years was valuable experience. I was there for 5 after RN graduation.
    --I worked full time. I worked part time.
    It is hard but do-able!! Best wishes!!

  • Feb 27 '12

    I am 50 and have applied to the RN program. I feel if I get into the program it was meant to be and I will be able to do it. I am feeling fabulous at 50! I also feel that I have more confidence in myself now than I did going through thr LPN program. Most of what we worry about doesn't happen anyway. Worry is really a wasted emotion and I am trying to live more in the moment and take one step at a time with long deep breathes. I didn't do this before

  • Feb 24 '12

    I did most of my general ed requirements through CLEP, but did my math requirement through ALEKS(you can search that thread) and did MICRO & A&P through Excelsior.

  • Feb 23 '12

    I just became a (student) member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, and really feel like I've found "my people" in nursing. It's hard to reconcile the limitations in allopathic care for natural preventive approaches to health and wellness. But we've got to push those limits and work towards increasing public awareness of these practices.

    What's great about the AHNA membership is that I was also able to find an AHNA network of nurses in my area and have started going to meetings and events with others in the field. They are doing a lot of different types of work: nutritional counselor, oncology nurse navigator, lifecoach, private practice massage therapy, holistic nurse practitioner. Some within the hospital, some in outpatient settings, some independently. Try and network with others who feel the same way you do. It will really make a difference, and might help you feel less lost.

    Good luck on your journey!!

  • Feb 23 '12

    I totally agree with you. I have about 1 1/2 years of hospital nursing now, but have never really believed in Western Medicine. I was going to go to naturopathic school but was afraid of the high tuition and then opening my own office/expenses. So I decided on nursing. Sometimes I wish I just went into acupuncture or TCM, or another "alternative" field. But since I am a nurse I plan to eventually become a holistic nurse practioner, hopefully. I am also looking into hospice nursing now since they focus on quality of life. Email me if you want and good luck on finding your path.

  • Nov 19 '11

    I am currently enrolled in the ADN program at Excelsior, the hospital that I work in helps pay a certain amt of my fees. They paid the $1000 enrollment fee, and the $80 application fee. And is paying $325 per course . Excelsior does not accept Federal Grants for the ADN program, but may for the BSN, not sure, also there are Scholarship opportunities and School Loans that you may be eligible for. Check with your state and the State Education Board. Excelsior lists possible means of financing your schooling. Good luck.

  • Sep 11 '10

    I know this is an old thread, but I came across this info regarding firnancial help for chemo drugs and other prescrition meds while doing some research--thought it was awesome--don't know how up to date it is, but at least some of the info should prove helpful. Appears in full below:

    Legislation promised toward prescription cover for medicare recipients will be postponed by the Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks. Medicare recipients with low incomes will have difficulty in paying for their prescription medications.
    Programs offered by almost all pharmaceutical manufacturers often provide free medicines for those who have NO medical insurance covering prescription drugs and whose incomes fall below certain levels. Without age limits, and with reasonable income limits [in certain cases people earning up to $50,000 a year can qualify.]
    You must apply separately to each manufacturer. The drugs are sent to your doctor, and you will probably have to requalify at regular intervals. These programs are not advertised, and doctors may be unaware of them, or reluctant to apply because of paperwork.

    To lower the cost of prescription medications, there are several sites that can help you, as can one of your doctors, if he/she will call up the manufacturer and find out about reimbursement and/or discounts and/or free medicine. You might be able to do this, and obtain forms for your doctor, to facilitate the process. Information below.

    Accessing Free Medication

    FDA's Access to unapproved products

    STRICT CALIFORNIA LAW REQUIRES COMPLETE INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR CANCER STUDY SUBJECTS Legislation signed into law Thursday by California governor Gray Davis requires health insurers to cover all routine medical expenses incurred by cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials.

    Directory of Prescription Drug Assistance

    Needy Meds Drug Assistance Programs "Many pharmaceutical manufacturers have special programs to assist people who can't afford to buy the drugs they need. One problem is that it's often hard to learn about these programs. Our goal is to make this information easily accessible." To use Medscape, you will have to go to, register, get a user id and password; thereafter a 'cookie' will allow complete access to Medscape. You do not have to be a doctor.

    Once you are registered on Medscape, you can also go to the Drug Search, type in your medication, and find the company that makes it.
    Or use Pharmacology Databases, a drug search engine, to find the manufacturer of the drug:

    For more Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs, visit the website
    Most major pharmaceutical companies have drug assistance programs, which provide medications to people who cannot afford them In most cases, your physician must apply to these programs on your behalf, but you can call and obtain the applications and information yourself.
    * Alza
    Phone 800-609-1083 Fax 800-482-1896
    Products: Ethyol (amifostine), Doxil HCI
    * Amgen Inc.
    Phone 800-272-9376 Fax 888-508-8090
    Product: Neupogen (filgrastim or granulocyte colony stimulating factor)
    * Anesta
    Phone 877-229-1241
    Product: Actiq (oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate)
    * AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
    Phone 800-424-3727
    Products: Armidex (anastrozle), Casodex (bicalutamide), Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate), Zoladex (goserelin acetate implant)
    * Aventis Pharmaceuticals
    Phone 800-221-4025
    Products: nilandron (available through the Aventis Patient Assistance Program-Kansas City)
    * Bayer Corporation
    Phone 800-998-9180
    Product: DTIC Dome
    * Berlex Laboratories
    Phone 800-473-5832 Fax 703-706-5925
    Product: fludara (fludarabine phosphate) for injection
    * Bristol-Myers Squibb
    Phone 800-272-4878 Fax 888-776-2370
    Products: all Bristol-Myers Squibb oncology products
    * Chiron Therapeutics
    Phone 800-775-7533 Fax 415-495-6790
    Products: proleukin (aldesleukin, IL-2), DepoCyt (cytarabine liposome injection)
    * Eli Lilly & Company, Lilly Oncology
    Phone 888-4-GEMZAR (888/443-6927) Fax 877-366-0585
    Products: gemzar,oncovin, and velban.
    * Genentech, Inc.
    Single Point of Contact/UPP
    Phone 888-249-4918 Fax 888-249-4919
    Products: herceptin (trastuzumab), rituxan (rituximab)
    * Gilead Sciences
    Reimbursement Support and Assistance Program
    Phone 800-226-2056 Fax 888-216-6857
    Products: vistide, danuoxome
    * Glaxo Wellcome
    Phone 800-722-9294
    Products: duragesic (fentanyl transdermal system), ergamisol (levamisole hydrochloride) tablets
    * MGI Pharma, Inc.
    Phone 888-743-5711
    Product: salagen tablets (pilocarpine hydrochloride)
    * Novartis
    Phone 800-257-3273 Fax 480-314-7170
    Call for product list Novartis
    For Gleevec, contact the Novartis Hotline for financial assistance for Gleevec: 877-GLEEVEC
    * Nycomed Amersham
    Phone 800-654-0118 Fax 609-514-6575
    Products: OncoSed (1-125 Seeds), Rapid Strand (1-125 seeds), Metastron (Strontium-89 Chloride)
    * Ortho Biotech Inc.
    Phone 800-553-2851 Fax 800-683-7855.
    Products: procrit (epoetin alfa) for non-dialysis use, leustatin (cladribine) injection
    * Parke-Davis
    Phone 908-725-1247
    Products: most Parke-Davis outpatient products with chronic indications are covered.
    * Pfizer, Inc.
    Phone 800-869-9979
    Product: diflucan
    * Pharacia & Upjohn
    Phone 800-242-7014
    Note: this company does not give out product lists. Patients must go through Oncology Hotline first for a review of benefits. After that, the patient is referred to the patient assistance program if applicable.
    * Roche Laboratories, Inc.
    Phone 800-443-6676 (choose option #2)
    Products: xeloda, vesanoid, Roferon-A, FUDR (floxuridine)
    * Roxane Laboratories, Inc.
    Phone 800-274-8651
    Products: Oramorph Sr, roxanol, roxicodone, marinol, viramune
    * Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals
    Phone 800-999-6673 Fax 746-6481
    Product: matulane (procarbizine)
    * SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
    Phone 800-699-3806 Fax 714-750-8513
    Products: hycamtin, kytril
    * The Liposome Company
    Phone 800-345-2252 Fax 714-750-8513
    Product: abelcet

    Some Drug Information URLs
    What I liked about RxList was that you don't have to spell the drug correctly.
    Register for Medscape. It is free and you don't have to be a doctor.
    I found Drug InfoNet
    by first going to the FDA's Oncology Tools at
    and clicking on Drug Info. There's much more at this site.
    There is a lot more at this site, too.
    compiled by David M & doctordee 2000 and 2001