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    [quote=stunursegem;5316265]Anyway...I was scared that someone would turn her in for trying to cheat and that the admin would find out I knew about it. At our school, even KNOWING about someone cheating and not saying anything is grounds for expulsion. So I contacted the dean and told her what was going on.

    I'm just wondering...

    So does that mean the other people she emailed are now close to expulsion because they KNEW about it but didn't go to the dean first??

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    Not necessarily, they are more familiar with the hospital and they would be more comfortable in it. Just study hard and make a few friends that are CNA or EMT's because they do know what they are doing during clinicals and can help you make your clinical life more easier. In lecture it's a different story so study hard and don't worry about how much more experience another student may have. In the end it's you thats going to be doing all this stuff on your own.

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    Hi Apgar,
    I had to search your name because I remember you went to Cerritos College and your posts were very helpful. I think you might be finished now or in your last semester? I'm going into my second semester and was hoping on some insight on what to expect? What do you think I should get a jump on this summer while I have the time off. Also, I was wondering if you picked days or evenings and If you picked evenings, how did you like it??

    Thanks any info will help. =)

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    Do you have a nursing care plan book? It would make your life easier to have one because it lists all the interventions and rationales.

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    I just finished my first semester and you really want to try hard to study and not fail. Don't even let it be an option for you. I'm in a 2 year program, 4 semesters that are 18 weeks and they break it in half. The first 9 weeks were not so bad but the last 9 weeks is when we lost a handful of people. They are given one more chance, BUT given the fact that they can only come in on the 2nd half of the 9 weeks next semester IF some people have failed or dropped.. otherwise they wait until there is a spot open.
    So.. they are infact gauranteed a space IF one is available... which is pretty tough. We had a couple that barely squeaked by but hey they passed. Some failed with literally 2 to 5 points shy of passing.
    So don't forget to study and keep up on your reading, then you can assure yourself that you tried your hardest.
    Good Luck!!!

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    Quote from ImThatGuy
    The Iguana book is a great way to get backed up in your reading.

    When you say Iguana book you are reffering to Iggy right?

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I've tried the study guide for Iggy and it did have a lot of questions, I just wished they had the rationales for the answers.
    Has anyone tried the study guide Saunders comprehensive review for the nclex rn exam by Linda Anne Silvestri? It has a lot of good reviews but I was wondering if anyone on this site actually uses it and what their thoughts were about that study guide.
    Thanks in advance for all the suggestions.. I just wanna prepare for my 2nd semester because last semester I didn't study as much because of clinicals and my reading got backed up and I don't want that to happen this upcoming semester.

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    Hi all,
    I'm starting 2nd semester in fall (ADN 2 year program = 4 semesters long) and our first rotation is med-surg. I was looking for any useful critical thinking study guide books that you have used. Our main med-surg book is by Donna D. Ignatavicius and M. Linda Workman. There are so many books out there and you all know it also gets so expensive trying to buy them all and they end up being useless. So I was hoping any senior nursing students can help me out. It's always good to get a heads up on NClex style questions so I'm really looking for a study guide book that can provide questions similar to what I should expect on the NClex because that's how our school tests us.

    Thanks for all you suggestions and hopefully this also helps other nursing student reader on this site.

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    So far the first week is good! Very exciting learning new things and meeting new people. Plus the teachers are super nice and helpful. How was your first week Apgar?

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    Quote from theloneran6er
    I just really want to go to LBCC, especially since it is right by my house and because that is where I have been going my entire college career. I wil gladley go to cypress or golden west, I would just prefer LBCC. Hopefully I will be an alternate and get selected this time around???
    Hi theloneran6er,

    I completely understand what your going thru as I too was an alternate last Fall at LBCC expecting I'd be in for sure Spring 11' which also I wasn't accepted. So I totally understand the frustrations. Honestly after getting rejected the first time everyone told me to apply everywhere and I did. I also had all my classes at LBCC but it seems that doesn't matter to them. I myself wonder what they look for but I'm assuming a high GPA with no "C"s or "W"s on your transcript.

    I luckily got accepted in Cerritos College and I'm glad I applied at other schools. My advice is apply everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. It'll make your chances of getting in somewhere much better and other schools are not so GPA based so as long as you meet their requrements they put you in a lottery system. I too felt that I only want to go to LBCC but as I looked at Cerritos they have a high NCLEX pass rate also and the campus is nice and parking is great.

    I also have a friend that has our similar story, she too got an alternate last semester and got an alternate again this semester but as far as I know she hasn't been called yet if someone didn't pass their Teas or background check. Plus her counsler said the same thing that her probablity of getting in looks good by her GPA.

    So don't get discouraged. Keep applying, take classes toward the LVN in the mean time because they prepare you for what to expect in the program. Their pre reqs like pharmacology and nursing fundamentals are useful while your waiting.

    Just don't stop, eventually you will be there and it's the happiest feeling when you get your acceptance letter.

    Good Luck !!!

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    Hi Apgar10

    I found your posts about Cerritos and they were really helpful. Thanks for taking your time to reply. I'm accepted into Cerritos and will be starting in January! I really like the campus. Right there I can say is a big plus compared to LBCC which I didn't get into. Things fortunately happen for a reason and after reading your posts I feel a lot better coming in this Spring. Our Orientation teacher seems really nice too. I keep hearing from a friend going to LBCC right now that her teachers were kind of mean. No offense to anyone going there right now who reads this.
    Anyways, I am so excited. If you have any tips I'd love some but I'll probably go back and read some of your posts anyways. I'll start soon on everything they suggested to do. Take care!

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    I just wanted to know peoples thoughts on both schools. If you are in the program in either campus, How do you like it? How are your teachers? Or I even would like to hear what you have heard about the programs in either colleges.
    They both have a good reputation as nursing schools. The NCLEX pass rate for both is excellent. I'd just like to know how the teachers are. Any info would be great.

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    You can check your results and see where you didn't do so well on. You have to log on to the testing site you used. It breaks down each section and what your percentage was and what the national percentage was. That might help you on what to study more on.

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    We were not able to use calculators either but I found myself running out of time so I would suggest for the problems with the adding and subtracting alot of numbers try rounding off and find the answer closet to the answer you got. It's almost impossible to work out every problem. I took the Teas Version 4. We had a lot of fractions and percentages so study that really good. Also, temperature. The math wasn't hard it's just they don't give you too much time. You almost need to work a problem out in a minute so work out every problem. I would practice the online test on the atitesting site because you can get familiar with the format like an earlier post had stated. Working math on a computer was quite different.
    But if all fails...GUESS, usually your first guess is the right answer.
    GOOD LUCK, relax and breath and you'll do fine...

    oh another tip, if you get nervous about remembering formulas like the area of a triangle. Write it on your scratch paper before you start. Then you don't have to sit there and try to remember the formula. I did, but I didn't have too many of those question in my Teas test.

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    I got mine on Wednesday and first I jumped up and down and then
    It's a great feeling.