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    I am a senior nursing student taking Adult/Med surg 2 (class and clinical), Community (class and clinical) and Evidenced based practice. I am taking 15 credits..Monday and Tuesday I have classes from 8am-445. Wednesday and Thursday I have clinical all day (0615-1600). I am currently working Friday and Saturday nights (at a restaurant) from 445-about 2am. I don't HAVE to work..I have enough money saved up that when I graduate I will not be in debt or have loans to pay off..I have enough money to pay for my car,phone,groceries, etc. until May when I graduate. I just hate not making money! But working so late messes up my sleep schedule since I don't get home until 2 and finally get to bed about 230am. Not working would also be a lot less stressful. I keep going back and forth and I can't make up my mind. I also would not be working next semester since I have practicum and will be working in the hospital 40 hrs each week plus class. To let you know a little more about me, I have a boyfriend (almost 2 years). He understands my crazy schedule but I find myself constantly missing spending time with me. Not working would add in a little extra time to see him on weekends and de stress. So what do you and be stressed but make money? Or less stress but no money? Are a lot of you working while in school? What are your thoughts on it?