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    1. The RN was precepting a newly hired student RN. They were assisting a resident with an arterial line placement. The resident couldn't get it in & went to get another doc to try. While he was out of the room, RN says to student "You didn't see this", and tries to insert the art line! Umm...First, totally NOT within your scope of practice, and, second, what if you get it in? How do you explain that when the resident gets back?

    2. Same RN as above. Patient has a cuffed trach & is on a vent. He codes. She places ambu bag over his nose & mouth. DOH!

    3. Same RN as above. She is now a manager. She is helping me turn a patient so I could wash his back, change sterile dressings, and change his sheets (this was a burn unit & the patient was on a vent). The guy had just about every line or tube you can think of. Foley, Zassi, CVP, art line, leads for the monitor, PulseOx...The PulseOx was on his toe because his hands & arms were burned. I had completed most of the dressing change--everything I could do without another person to assist. I had also changed the heparin bag for his art line. We rolled him toward her first, she pulls (accidentally) the live out of the haprin bag, so it is spraying al over the patient, bed, floor, and me, and his monitor almost immediately starts alarming. She starts yelling at me to turn his vent up to 100%, give her the ambu bag, and call a code. His sats were gradually dropping, eventually into the 70's. I said "Let's check him out first". Sure enough, the PulseOx had gotten crooked on his toe. I straightened it out & he went back to 100%.

    4. Same RN, still a manager. I had JUST passed boards a few weeks prior. She kept assigning me the same two critical patients. They were 2 of 3 patients we had at the time who we referred to as "The Triplets". They were all the same age, height, weight, hair color, about 60-70% burns, all on vents, and in rooms right in a row, but they were from 3 different incidents. Anyway, I get both of their dressing changes done, except for turning the 2nd guy to clean his back & change his linens. Before I can leave his room to find someone to help me turn him, he starts showing signs of distress. I call the trauma team, and they rush up to fix him. They get him taken care of, and as they are about to step on the elevator to leave the unit, the FIRST guy crashes! I yell at them to come back. They fix HIM & leave. By now, it's about 3pm. I go to the manager to ask her to help me turn my other patient so I can finally clean his back & change his linens. She looked at me and loudly barks "You need to get your **** together! Your time management skills are in the toilet!" I was MORTIFIED. Needless to say, she was the driving force behind my quitting that job!

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    I cannot PM you because I don't have enough posts yet.

    I am interested in MSA, but don't know where to start looking for legitimate certification. You can post here, or PM me your email address or something. Whatever you are comfortable with (and doesn't violate's rules). I just posted a topic looking for career change advice if you want to look that up. It's got my experience listed, etc.


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    I have been an RN (ASN) for almost 9 years. I hate hate HATE bedside nursing. I am getting ready to start back to school to get my MSN in Leadership/Administration. I plan on being a nursing educator in a hospital setting. I have experience in the following areas: burn/critical care, ICU, corrections (prison), med/surg, home health, and outpatient clinic (anticoagulation). I am also a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, but haven't had much luck getting that going. Oh, and I have also worked for a data extraction company (reviewing medical records, pulling relevant information needed for lawsuits against a major drug company). I would LOVE to work from home, and part-time is totally OK. Does anyone use their nursing experience to work from home? Or in some other non-bedside setting? Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    Quote from That Guy
    Jesus I knew someone was gonna do this. There is always an exception to every blanket statement. Would it be better if I amended my original to state that almost every application of a PEG tube I see as torture? Suite you better.
    LOL! I was thinking the same thing when I read it.