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  • Sep 29 '10

    There is a scene from a movie called "Heartbreak Ridge." Clint Eastwood plays an old school platoon seargant under the command of an abusive Major. Just a real jerk. One day during training, one of Eastwood's Marines screwed up in front of the Major.

    As punishment, the Major forced the screwup to run in circles around the platoon with his rifle raised above his head all the way back to the barracks. The other men in the platoon said, "He is never going to make it."

    The Marine finally collapsed. Eastwood bent down and whispered something in his ear. The exhausted Marine screamed, "RECON!!" then got up and continued running.

    The Major confronted Eastwood, "What did you say to him?"

    Eastwood looked him in the eye, "I said 'Don't give the bastard the satisfaction'. Sir."

  • Sep 3 '10
  • Aug 27 '10

    I am in my last semester of nursing school. Last week's clinical was in the Burn Unit. I was able to help with taking off dressings, hydrptherapy, and redressing. Some of these patients were on vents, had 12 or more IV drips running, in induced comas, and they would still respond to the painful debridement. It just broke my heart to hear the screams of some of the patients and these nurses were constantly pushing pain meds. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do this daily and not let it get to you. Once again I have the utmost respect for these nurses and the kind of emotional toll they must go through.