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    I know the cost is kinda scary but if you look at SLCC, they have a 3 year wait list. Eagle gate and Ameritech are 750 a credit hour which is about 50,000 for a two year program if you dont have the pre reqs done. Any other private program is about that much as well. Honestly, in the three years you are on a waiting list you are waisting money because those are years you could of been making 60k. I would just do the pre reqs first to cut the cost(so it's only about 25k) and go to a private program, if you want to be a nurse right away. Plus if you are active duty or reserve in the military you get 250 off the cost of tution 10% for showing your DD214 if you are a veteran. Plus look into their nursing scholarships. You never know what you can find to help.