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    Quote from thern9094
    Hi Everyone! I see that the class, CAE0612, Introduction to Math for Nurses is now available. I read an older post that stated that this class really helped this new nursing student and was the best investment he made.

    I am trying to arrange my schedule so that I can take this course. It will be tough to learn dosages and conversions while taking all the other nursing process 1 courses and having 2 tries to pass it with a 90% or above.

    Is anyone else taking this course also??

    I tried to look for the class today but nothing shows up. Do you know if the code changed?

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    ^ Seems like BC was having problems, I had a similar issue with NUR1210 and I finally was able to add it. Try refreshing BC told my friend they were fixing some problems they had.

    Nothing like a cup of HEART ATTACK at 8am =/

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    Quote from ladypat
    Is it me and I am reading it wrong...that there is only one different option for central campus schedule...the math class..either Monday or Thursday.
    seems that way to me also

    See u there Alana if we get the campus of choice

    any1 got the schedule for the online option??? I didn't see it in my inbox

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    Quote from GinaRob83
    Central's schedule suxxxxxxxx.....very stressed about registering tomorrow..this is all very overwhelming...I may not even pass micro this term!
    If you think about it central has a good schedule ( If you take math thursday 1:30 - 4:30 u also tk pharmacology after 5:00 - 7:00) So you are not on a long gap. How north has it you take Lecture monday 9 - 12 and then on monday at 5 you take pharmacology. So either we go home eat read read read then drive back to campus for 5pm class or we are stuck in school from 9-7pm on mondays.

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    I wanted to get feedback on all 3 options of campuses BC has. I hope to start in January and would not mind driving more if it means better program. Current students please post anything and everything about the campus you attend and any advice. ( yes I know you don't pick a campus until you select your clases online)

    So far this is what i've heard by reading around and talking to a student at south.

    1- North = hardest program but the best

    2- South = disorganized but not too bad

    3- Central = Tests include things not covered, very strict campus

    Thanks for any feedback & keep on studying

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    Ladies and gents where did u guys go to get all the medical stuff done? I was told there are several clinics that do everything. Looking for something between coral springs or sunrise area.

    Also how is it going so far with lecture?? Lots of notes or is it slow starting like south campus.

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    Quote from couturediva
    You are able to get the following:
    1 point for being a broward county resident
    5 points for having Hosa
    And up to 16 points based on Gpa (16 points for 4.0 and keep going down)

    You can use the below website to calculate your gpa.

    Hope this helps
    do they go by your overall GPA or by the pre req courses like Enc,chem,ap1 + Lab and Ap2 + lab???
    Thanks for the reply

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    sunray: do you have any of your books from the beginning? They have a huge list for the first term but some people say they didn't even use half of the books. Thanks for the input i'm about to apply either Jan if I get the HESI done or by march.

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    Quote from Tiffanie925
    Can anyone tell me how long after the application deadline was it before you received your acceptance email or notification? thanks
    most people get them within a month I would call them once school re-opens if it's been longer.

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    anyone transfer from BC to Nova? I took a class with an employee from Nova a health core class and she told me that Nova won't take half of my credits? I am planning to do the AA at Bc and transfer over but I don't want to have to re-do half of my degree

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    from what I know the credits you earn there are not accepted in other schools, are you planning on going beyond the license like a bachelors ect? If so you will have to look for a diff school.

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    I would go and talk to the admin dean, they have a form that you fill out and explain the bad grades ect. You could also re-take the class to replace the grade, I wouldn't settle for a C in the pre courses because it will make it that much harder to get into the program since they go by points

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    have any of you guys bought books from previous students on campus?? I have seen some for sale signs up on the post board things they have around campus

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    Does anyone know how they calculate the points when you apply?? I got A's on all the pre-req except a B in english.

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    Quote from sunshine786
    I had 10 points! I scored 88% the first time I took the HESI and then retook the anatomy part, so my overall score went up. Good luck! :-)
    how can I calculate my points??? I know my gpa but for what I know they only go by your pre req like enc, chem, ap1 & 2 plus lab. I'm starting my hesi studies right after finals yey fun winter break

    Did you start yet or will start in May?