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    I am a chiropractor but currently working fulltime as clinic administrator for a 5 physician medical group. I am starting an accelerated BSN program in September. I hate to leave the job but since 2006 I have been exploring options to continue working in healthcare and maintain a decent income. Medical school was an option but the time and money was a little much for me now. I like being a chiropractor, but I did not like worrying every month if I would be able to cover home expenses and my clinic overhead with my payments from attorneys, ins. co, patients trickling in sporadically.

    I decided to do the BSN and eventual NP for job/income security. In my opinion, a DC degree combined with BSN degree opens up new opportunities to take leadership roles in medical group practices, hospitals, non-profit health organizations as an excutive director or administrator to plan health programs, services and new initiatives. Or combine chiropractic care with primary health care when needed and patients will welcome the choice and options offered (holistic, comprehensive care).

    By the way I know several female and male DC colleagues who are doing an accelerated BSN program or medical school program. The main theme from everyone when we talk frequently is that they want options and security for the future and were (are) struggling as CHIROs.

    Good luck in whatever decision you take.