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    Does anyone know the cost of out of state tuition at LSUHSC (CRNA program). Their website says total out of state fees = $14,000, but I don't think this includes tuition. I've called the school, but I haven't heard back. Thnaks!

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    I've been meaning to ask this same question on this site! I promised my manager that I would commit to 2 years in the ICU [they spent the time & money to train me so I do feel obligated to uphold my end of the bargain---I have been an RN for 11 years (tele & emergency mostly)]. I recently received a glowing 1 year evaluation, but I'm still afraid to ask for a letter of recommendation for CRNA school, even though I'll end up being there for about 2 years by the time CRNA school starts. I have even decided not to apply to several schools (that require a leter from a manager) this fall because #1 I'm too afraid to ask for the letter this soon and #2 I know that by next year I'll be an even better candidate with 2+ years under my belt as an ICU nurse and a guaranteed great letter of recommendation from my manager (I work at a very large world renowned University hospital, so her letter will hopefully hold some weight).
    However, I might need a letter from her for some of the applications that are due this spring. After she and my colleagues know I will eventually be leaving, it will make me feel uncomfortable at work for the rest of the year and possibly longer until I am accepted into school. Should I still ask for the letter? I will have been in the ICU for 1.5 years by then. The ICU unit I work on has lots of RNs with MSN degrees and they do encourage going back to school, but most of those nurses are able to work and go to school so it's a slightly different scenario. Also, I heard that the manager won't write letters of reference until you've been there for 2 years. I'm just trying to avoid an awkward working environment. Any advice on this situation would be great, thanks!