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    I"m planing to take the nclex rn by October 2011.If anybody fells like share any idea, ask any question etc I"ll be glad to interact - first by email- and than by messenger and text....

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    Quote from mrs_whitney
    to avicenafm2: kaplan is good too! it will teach you how to reword to make question shorter and understandable, direct to the point! .... remember this: always asess before implementation, unless theres already assessment then move on to the next step of nursing process! usually during emergency, you go for implementation! abc! then maslows ! for psychology patient, usually you go for their SAFETY! practice q&a and repeat until u are already familiar.... just remember that! even if you dont know the answer, if you are guided with those principles, believe me, it helps a lot!.... now i dont wanna be a know it all , coz im still waiting for my result, but thats based on my experience....
    Thank you mrs_whitney!
    I've decided that I will have to pass again on each chapter of sunders and same time to use kaplan and la charity for q&a.Thank you for your advise!

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    Prioritizing & delegation -one of my weakness...Any suggestions? I'm still doing la charity but if anybody can give me another suggestions- I'm preparing for second attempt

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    Congrats mrs whitney! What was your study plan?

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    Be very carefully when you verify PVT! When I got home after test and checked got good pop up and then I realized that was to early !After one hour when I checked again it went all the way and scheduled again for the test...So I felt in my first attempt to be RN on 04/01/11...I have done lot of questions on kaplan on demand but the test was harder than that ....Anyone else took test this days? Any suggestions ?