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    Hi I was just checking in to get some information. I am planning on signing up for the ADN program in 03/12 I am just finishing up my last couple classes. I decided to take a break for the summer. 75% of my prereq transferred which I do have all B's in I am taking in the fall the English 1101 which only English 1102 xfer for me and I will also be taking BIO2114 also scheduled to take Hum1101 which only leaves the soc1101 and spch 1101 and the psy2103 which I heard you can test out of that class? ( Is that true?) I wanted to know if anyone heard that if you are in the nursing program which requires a lot of people to not be able to carry a job you can you can talk to someone in admissions and they refer you to someone in columbus tech that can set you up with getting a $100.00 a week from the ga dept of labor. I know it is not a lot but anything can help. I also wanted to know with some of the people that did get in the program what were some of your gpa's, test scores including compass and the Pre-NLN test. I will also take any advice as well as a motivator and fyi's. Thanks

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    I am also trying to compete for the program in July 2011 my preqreq have already been taken I transferred and I did make all B's on those so if you would say anything do you think the better you do on all your test and prereq the higher chances at getting in? What type of questions do they ask you at the interview? Als well i am waiting I am taking the other classes that are non nursing classes.