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    I was wondering what the dangers would be for LR running as maintenance? I only ever really see LR ordered when we have a post-op surgery kid, but i've never ran LR for long periods of time. We recently had an incident were LR was ran at x2 maintenance on an infant that was NPO for 12hrs. The baby became lethargic and POC glucose was 30. I just graduated recently and was trying to look up some information on the rationale why this would happen.

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    Hey guys, I work on a general pediatric floor with 30 beds and I need some help. I am looking for some articles about safe nurse to patient ratios. My unit is looking for statistics to bring up at our next meeting since we have recently been asked to take on more patients with higher acuity (currenty 6 to 1). We are trying to get management to bring our ratio back to 4:1 like it use to be, but our hospital lost a lot of money the last few months and are not allowing us to divert patients away.