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    Hi All! I am a Spring 2011 hopefull as well. I was wondering if there was anyone on here (or if you know someone) in the same situation as me. I have a BS in Health Science Education, and was on the nursing track at UF when I changed my major. So I have all of the pre-reqs required for UF's nursing program, and wanted to make sure that they carried over as the same pre-reqs for FSCJ's program. I have not spoken to an advisor yet, but thought I would test the waters here.

    Also, does anyone have any specific study guide that they used for the NAT? I have not taken it yet, but want to try to make the best score possible the first time. I have already done the practice test on the PSB site.

    I am trying for the nights/weekends classes, since I will have to be working full time while in school. I work in Corporate Fitness/Wellness now, and have decided on a career change into nursing.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!