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    I completely believe that this "trick" works! I took the nclex rn on august 13, my test shut off at 75 questions. As soon as it shut off i felt sick... I felt like I needed more time to prove myself! The questions were so hard... there were a lot of meds i didn't know, lots of sata, and priority questions. I initially felt okay about how I did but when I started to think of questions that I knew I got wrong I started to panic. When I got home I searched the web and came across the PVT. I tried it and I got the "good pop up". I felt some relief but was still nervous that it doesn't work. But after I read all the threads about it it seemed like it was never wrong. I still kept trying for the next two days until I got my unofficial results... I passed! It does work and the next day my license number was on the Pa SBON! Good luck to everyone taking the Nclex! You can do it!