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  • Jan 6 '08

    I think it reflects society's attitude and treatment difference in general between men and women. Its the same even more so in nursing still a heavily female profession. Women usually get less severe treatment than men for similar offenses. There's a whole system of double standard related to this. For example women are the 'gentle sex', and 'women are more moody' affecting their behavior-the most extreme b.s. related to p.m.s. excuses ('they had a bad-hair day'). Anyway, males in nursing fact this double standard in numerous other ways. For example if i ever refuse to help another 'lazy' female nurse i'm 'being mean' but if she doesn't help me she is just 'being touchy'. Do you see what i mean? I think most boards are female and unconsciously or otherwise favor women. Men have a long way to go in nursing to overcome this discriminating behavior which by the way is also initiated by many doctors who look at us as somehow failures for being nurses and not doctors. As far as women again being perceived as less guilty than men just remember those female teachers who seduce young males and get off easier than men who do the same. The boards take the attitude that women in general never initiate overtures but are 'made' to do so and consequently less guilty than the evil men who seduce them. Just some thoughts of mine.... Good luck. Steve