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  • Mar 26 '11

    Who was that person, talking about medical assistant and such; and, where does he get off referring to nurses as "she"? I believe the people butting in are not nurses, for if they were, they would understand what it means to be a nurse and the education it takes and the pride one has from graduating and passing the NCLEX. We, whether male or female, are nurses-plain and simple. We are part of an honored and respected profession that does more than take dr orders. If this person wants to be a medical assistance, let him go to a trade school for that certification and leave the professionals to do their higher calling. I am a man and I am proud to be a nurse, an RN for 21 years

  • Mar 26 '11

    chill. relax.

    cpr certification is easy peezy.

    besides, if an emergency situation happens in your clinical setting i'm pretty sure YOU won't be the one doing CPR

    just like my professor always told me: "just because you're certified in something doesn't necessarily mean you can do it"

  • Mar 24 '11

    Quote from jacobstein
    I think the guy who just too my vitals/chief complaint was an lpn.

    I suggest male nurses declare a hunger strike until death until they can be medical assistants.
    To the first, you "think" but you don't know. Do you "think" that your doctor is PhD, a PharmD, a DO or an MD.

    To the second suggestion, go ahead. More food and nursing jobs for the rest of us that proud to be called "Nurse". Regardless of gender.

  • Mar 24 '11

    Man, nut up!! A nurse is a nurse. If you worked for the title wear it well and proudly. Doesn't matter if there is a penis involved. Don't you dare call me a medic (no experience with the military) and if you try to call me a medical assistant you might just need a nurse.

    Please refer to all the descriptions in the webster dictionary related to nurse, nursing, medic, etc.. while some of it does refer to the female gender not all of it does.

  • Mar 23 '11

    get a set of gonads man. i guess along with the reduction in status you would like a reduction in your pay as well? when i finish my 4 years of school for my bsn i do not want to be called a medic. i am a male and i will be proud to be called a nurse when i graduate and i am sure that my wife and children will be there to support me also. and think about the nurses during the civil war on the battle field in field hospitals they were men. i think you just need to get over the term and be proud of what you are!!!

  • Mar 23 '11

    Garbage man = Sanitary thanks.
    We all knew the job title before we began to seek it.

    If you are not man enough to be called a Nurse, you are not man enough for the job.

  • Mar 23 '11

    Are you kidding? I was a medic in the military and that designation meant you were somewhere between a novice technician to a paramedic. When I progressed my training to the level of nursing I left the term medic behind. I don't care if some think this is a feminine term; I earned this designation and would argue to keep it. We don't need any more barriers between male and female nurses.

  • Mar 22 '11

    Go on the Evolve website and register for other med surg books, like Ignativicius. You will get many more practice questions that are closely aligned to the Lewis book.

  • Mar 22 '11

    I don't get why everyone is so negative about this. It certainly does not hurt to try. Yes, you must have not done well in your other tests. But we all know how wonky some nursing questions are and that they can be argued successfully, especially if you've got a receptive professor who is willing to hear you out. Good luck!

  • Mar 22 '11

    I disagree with what everyone is telling you. Sometimes your text books will contradict. I have noticed this with the ATI books vs. much more detailed text books (not a fan of ATI). I have argued test questions many times and ended up getting the points. They can't tell you you're wrong if your sitting there with a book that says your right. The nursing profession has very poorly written/ worded (ambiguous) test material that would not stand in any other field. If you know how to make an argument "critical thinking" questions can be fairly easy to pick apart and analytical, methodical and most importantly correct. We are encouraged to challenge the material where I go. Look in the syllabus or handbook for your school, if it says you can argue questions go for it. They haveto permit you to do so if the handbook says its permitted. Try to remember the questions that you had in mind, then look up the related material, get your citations and formulate your argument.

  • Mar 20 '11

    I think it was a minority support kind of thing initially. But, you do raise a good discussion point. Is a special section needed these days? I mean, what do they all do in there anyway... watch basketball, eat and talk about girls...? Some kind of "man cave"?

    Just kidding... sort of.

  • Mar 20 '11

    I think you ment gender equality, but on to your question. Men in Nursing are a unique population. Just like I get frustrated with state specific questions clogging up the pre-nursing forum I doubt many would want questions that pertain only to men clogging up the general forum. Same as any of the unique populations, men are a vast minority (some where around 5% right?, although the school I am applying to is around 12% so maybe that 5% is off) and have another forum to get a response from a targeted field.

  • Mar 20 '11

    Quote from harleypinkno15
    She didn't tell the nurse she annoyed her. She was making a statement and as such is entitled to her own feelings it's a shame you don't remember when you where a new nurse. Alot of things you see are intimidating and you look to your more experienced nurses for guidance, unfortunately for some strange reason alot of people don't want to help the new nurses I choose to be supportive and stand up for them and help them and be a mentor not discourage. I think her complaint is valid and it seems that alot of other people do as well.
    I certainly do remember the days of being a new nurse, and I sure didn't have the time or inclination to be annoyed by other more experienced nurses' phone conversations with doctors. This new grad is NOT looking to experienced nurses for "guidance," she is being critical of something that is really none of her business. She has no reason to "complain" about how other nurses choose to relate to doctors. She can say whatever she likes to the docs when she calls, but really, how does what someone else does regarding their own patients and practice affect her? In this scenario, it doesn't.

    This has absolutely NOTHING to do with not being supportive of new grads.

  • Mar 12 '11

    Quote from fjrobinson44
    How do you figure she was dumb? She's the one who solved the "problem". The men in the ad are the ones who look dumb.
    Those with a trained eye will note that Nurse Ashley performed a basketball-ectomy without an order and scribbled a giant wavy line all over the doctor's clipboard. Can't say I've ever seen a smart nurse do that. But you're right, it's certainly an important point, and since you took the time to give it it's own post, I'll concede. Most likely she's a Rhode Scholar. She also loves kittens and long walks on the beach.

    Quote from fjrobinson44 just did. ?
    Is that a question? ummm, no?

    Quote from fjrobinson44
    Here's an issue that's way more threatening to our society than Hooters.

    Can we please stop electing these people!
    If you have a concern about a Georgia state legislator introducing a bill that would make miscarriages a felony, burying it in a completely unrelated thread is not the best way to get your message out. There are several forums here as well as Allnurses Central to get a discussion like that off the ground.

  • Mar 12 '11

    Thanks for trying, OP.