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    If this happened in my state, she could go straight into the Intervention project for nurses run by our BON. One in every 3 nurses is or has been or is in this situation.

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    3 fries short of a happy meal

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    All they can do is admire you. They will be open to you as they would any other adult learner. Look at it this way, you know where to find any item that is needed. They might treat you like a bratty little sister at worst.

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    I believe it is ok, just like any other situation. Are you both single, will anyone else be hurt if you connect? I know many doctor and nurse married couples and it works out just fine. Keep it out of the work place just as you would if you dated the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker

    Quote from brenzgrove
    Is it ever ok for a nurse and a doctor to date if they do so discretely? Is it worse for a nurse to ask a doctor out or if the doctor asks the nurse out does that make it ok? sorry if it has been discussed before. Just wondering what everyone's opinion is on this topic?

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    For Medical school. We had this combined science that was sposta make sense, I passed so no complaints from me