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    Yes. We absolutely have to submit to a drug screen before we start classes. I will be peeing in a cup on January 4th to start class on the 10th.

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    I have no idea how many points I have, but I have friends who discussed their points exactly with admissions. They seem pretty open to talk about it.

    I got in & start in January.
    I have A's in the three pre-req's I completed at time of application.
    4.0 GPA college
    2.6 GPA in high school
    1100 on SAT 10 years ago
    92% on the TEAS

    I was luckily one of the 34 accepted for Spring.
    I hope that helps!

    GOOD LUCK!! Hope to see you there

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    I got my letter about a month ago Accepted to Mercy School of Nursing in Charlotte, NC!!

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    It is called a perineum. I guess it can happen! Sounds awful.

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    Thanks dudette. My school does not do in-state/ out-of-state tuition. It is the same for everyone. I will talk to them about scholarships, but they seem to pretty much push the 80/20 split. They pay 80% and you pay 20% as long as you agree to work for them for 4 mos per semester that they fund. It is definitely an option I am looking at, but I would LOVE to just get a grant or scholarship, like I presently have. The commute to school is only about 25 minutes, but the commute to the main hospital is more like 45+, so I would like to avoid being locked in to working there for nearly 2 years. We shall see! I have a meeting there today & they are going to talk about financial aid.

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    I am a student who lives in SC. I am going to school in NC, approximately 15-20 miles away. I am losing ALL of my financial aid because I will not be in SC any longer. It STINKS! I have the grades to get a scholarship, but they all seem to require that you live and go to school in the same state. Frustrating! Anyone else have a solution?

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    I start nursing school in January & my dream is to go on to become a certified nurse midwife. I love the process of birth & supporting the Moms. I also have a strong love for breastfeeding & would love to be a lactation consultant. It is such a difficult task to breastfeed for many mothers & our society does NOT encourage it as a whole. I know SO MANY people who hear negativity from their families & friends in regards to breastfeeding.

    It is difficult to say 100% what I want to do, since I haven't done any of it yet! I will go into clinicals with an open mind & see what excites me!!

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    Anyone else going to the Oct 19th orientation for Mercy? I will be there! I can't wait to hear more about the program.

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    I got accepted into Nursing School for Spring Admission. I AM SCARED!! I got my info packet last week & it is so stressful thinking about diving in head first. Our program has a reputation for being extremely tough & I just hope that I do well! They accept 40 out of more than 400 applicants & I know I will be surrounded by other very intelligent people. It is scary to think about the ride we are about to get on.... but I can't wait.

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    I think Micro is harder by far. I loved A&P I & II. The concepts as they apply to a system or body part are much easier to grasp. Micro is so much chemistry & amino acids, enzymes, cell structure. ZzzzzZZZzzzz I just don't care for it much.

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    I am going to get my diploma in NC & then take my NCLEX & will be an RN. I can then bridge to my BS directly from my diploma. Diploma does not always= LPN

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    I studied for 2 afternoons, 2 hours each time. I scored quite well & got in to the program I wanted.

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    harley3.... I am going to try and CLEP G&D too. We should make a date to study! I will try to remember to mention it in Micro tomorrow!

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    I start in January at Mercy too! I can't wait to meet you all.

    A diploma allows you to take the NCLEX just like an associates does. You start work EXACTLY like somebody with an ADN or BSN. You can bridge to your BSN from a diploma & your starting salary is the same for all three from everything I have seen. Mercy is an incredible program. I have never heard ANY bad things about it from anyone besides former students who claimed it was too difficult. Their extremely difficult acceptance terms speaks volumes about the caliber of nurses they produce. I hope you choose Mercy!

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    I start Mercy School of Nursing in January & I do NOT have my CNA1.