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    hi! i know this post has been years ago... u probably already an RN now, i am the same too been graduated 5 years ago in the philippines and want to take the nclex now. can u give me some tips on how to study?

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    Im attending a pre-admission conference this tuesday.. been reading this forum for awhile and theres so many horror stories, ***! Is the LPN program really that hard?

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    I'm jealous! Goodluck and keep us posted!

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    Quote from FlawlessT
    I have decided to do an LPN program because I have spent the last year & a half finishing pre req's for an RN program only to be told I will be put on a waiting list for a yr, maybe 2! And was also told by the director that they don't turn LPN's away or place them on a waiting list if they have all their pre req's done. So I am going to go ahead go for LPN & re-apply! And @ least this way I can make more money working as an LPN while I bridge to RN. So I say go for it! Your going to have to be in school regardless! LOL!
    Good Luck!

    Wow that sucks, What state? In the Community College I applied to here in KY, they don't hold a waiting list. They go by GPA..

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    Congratulations! hoping to make this kind of thread in 2012 lol! How old are you, and was it hard or not?

    Goodluck on the NCLEX-PN

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    I will be 26 this October.. My wife and I were in the same school to become a nurse(BSN) in The Philippines.. She got her BSN degree. I didnt cuz I was a slacker back in College. I havent been in school for years but now, I'm looking to get into an LPN program and this time FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

    Goodluck to everyone!

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    Did you go to school at Lawrenceburg campus?

    I wanted to be an RN orginally but right now, I just want to get in and get out of Nursing school.. My plan at the moment is to become an LPN then work + school to become an RN, I know the RN course is just 1 semester more but I dont really care.. I just want to finish something. My wife is a BSN graduate, She is currently reviewing for her NCLEX exam. thanks for all the info!

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    Evening and weekend classes would be perfect for me since I work M-F 7am-3pm.. but I dont know if i wanna go for ADN/RN right now, I've been out of school for 2 years. I wish they offered the LPN program in Lawrenceburg.

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    Here in Kentucky, you need to be a registered CNA to get into an LPN/RN Program..

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    Quote from shaylamn
    11.50, I think there's some sort of shift differential. This is really dirt pay for CNA's in my area though, most make around $14-20 an hour.
    where you from?

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    Hello! I'm from Frankfort, KY.. I'm looking to get into an LPN Program, there is none in Frankfort..

    Anyone know any schools in or near the Lexington area that has a good LPN Program? I know Lexington Community College is one, Where else? How long does it usually take? Do I have to do it full-time or Can I do it as a part-time student??


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    Hello everyone

    I am looking to get into an LPN Program, I currently live in Frankfort, KY.

    What are my school options, I know Lexington Community College has an LPN program.

    What other LPN schools are there near my area? I am willing to commute 30-45min..