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  • Jan 9 '16

    Ok...not too encouraging so far from Dranger ...but I have seen many experienced NP posters here who have said they have seen and worked with outstanding NP grads from for-profits -Walden, etc. Depends on the PERSON as well as their education and background.

    Even so, I do totally understand that the traditional, brick-and-mortar programs are very well established and include the required program rigor to turn out excellent NP grads.

    However, I honestly believe that THE INDIVIDUAL makes every bit of difference in whether or not he/she will become an excellent NP. A lot of people had a LOT of hardship going through undergrad - for example several single moms on these boards who left an abusive marriage with nothing but their kids in tow and entered a BSN program out of need rather than calling. These women never ceased to amaze me. They got through school with young kids, barely hanging on to their homes, no child support and often no family support. So their undergrad GPA's were often not as stellar as it could have been had they had a perfect world...a 2.9, or a 3.0 instead of a 3.5-8, for example. Let's face it...what would your priority be if you were in their shoes? The kids. NOT your undergrad GPA.

    I just think that before we discourage posters here who are asking reasonable questions on this board, we need to think before we just flat-out discourage them. We don't know them and we have not walked in anyone's shoes but our own. There are a lot of stellar, super-smart students from all walks of life out there who had a rough undergrad experience (like the example or for whatever legit reason) and have landed on their feet to become amazing RN's, despite their undergrad GPA's. If they can't get into the "best" NP schools now because of their lower GPA's, why should that stop them from reaching their dreams post BSN?

    Glad those schools do exist for people just like the example...some simply cannot get in to the better, established programs, and NOT because they are below average...on the contrary. I can't imagine being shut out for life from achieving your dreams, because of a rough undergrad start, or because you're a few 10th's of a point away from acceptance. I realize a lot of these for-profit schools have issues, but I believe if you go into it with eyes wide open, you can do with it what YOU make of it...