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    Hi! Does anyone know how the weigh your prereq GPA and the HESI score?

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    Hello all. I'm new to the forum, even though I've followed it for many years.

    The short of it is... does anybody know of any nursing program in South Florida that I'd have a shot at with a 2.5 GPA?

    The long of it...

    Many years ago, my goal(dream) was to be an RN. Unfortunately, after a tragic loss, my GPA (Cum and Science) took a nose dive. I'm at a 2.68 Cumulative and 2.50 in the sciences. I gave up hope then and pursued a bachelors in business, as it felt like the natural course since I've been in the work force for many years. My upper division is a 3.0.

    I've recently graduated and feel absolutely heartbroken as I've realized it is just not going to cut it for me. The thought of spending anymore of my life in a corporate environment makes me sick. So now I find myself trying to find my way into Nursing any way possible, including backtracking and getting a second Associates. Schols near me are Miami Dade, Broward College, FIU, NOVA, and UM.

    Can anyone give me any advice or tips? Or alert me to any programs that have become more lax since I last tried, back in 2009?

    Thanks in advance