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    Thank you both for the advice!!

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    I've been in cardiac nursing for many years. I've been with the same hospital for 21 of those years. During this time I've done floor nursing, office nursing, managing, Clinical Research Trials, diagnostic testing such as Nuclear Med, and CT. I have never worked Home Health and I have recently been offered a position as a field nurse who will specialize in the pts discharged from the cardiac hospital. I am both excited and scared because I have been with the same Cardiologists for all these years. At my interview, they rolled out the red carpet and called me an expert in my field and told me they were honored to have me consider this position. I have been offered a chance to teach and assist the other home health nurses with their cardiac pts. I will have to learn about the Oasis paperwork and basically learn a whole new field of nursing. This sounds like a great opportunity. The only downside is it will be a lateral move. My question is: Will I enjoy Home Health? Is the paperwork going to take up half my day? Shouldn't I be compensated for teaching the other nurses or should I just let it go? I'm all about customer service and I love working with pts, so I'm hoping it is the right decision.