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    Thank you so much! I know it is kind of a wierd one to work with because that is exactly how I was given the case study. Thats all that was said on the paper... so with that being said I don't even know her vitals or anything! So should I just say that I would ask or make some up?? I don't know why this one is so vague compared to some of the other students hahaha.

    Thanks again and I will look in my Nursing Diagnosis book as well!

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    Hi guys,

    I am in my last year of nursing school and was given this situation and asked to write a care plan. I know its not much info and thats why I am having some issues with this one. If anyone can PLS give me some ideas it would really help! My time is running out! THANKS

    Ms. Z., a 21 year old was diagnosed with Chlamydia. She says she practiced "safe sex."

    So thats all I know... here is the outline I am using

    Assessment (2marks)
    [FONT=Calibri,Calibri][FONT=Calibri,Calibri]. Type of history questions (eg - nutritional, medication, etc)
    .Signs and symptoms - S&S
    .Laboratory tests - elevated / decreased / abnormal

    Problem - nursing diagnosis (1 mark)
    [FONT=Calibri,Calibri][FONT=Calibri,Calibri](number them)
    Intervention (3 marks)
    [FONT=Calibri,Calibri][FONT=Calibri,Calibri](should correspond with each nursing diagnosis)
    Rationale for each intervention (2 marks)
    [FONT=Calibri,Calibri][FONT=Calibri,Calibri](be concise)

    Pls pls pls! Any ideas would be great at this point.