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    Quote from Krispex
    The lady from Elsevier finally called me back today. She said she could open my window again for a couple of days but suggested I have it opened July 1st because the new dates will be available then and I will only have 2 days to register.

    So I decided to stick with this Tuesday.

    Sorry for the confusion, I wish everyone at Elsevier were on the same info.
    Can you email me the number to Elsevier please?

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    Quote from Krispex
    I am assuming you sent the email to with all the required info. They will send you an email with the rest of the instructions to sign up for an exam. It took 1 day to get my email response then you can register online for the exam immediately.
    Really??? I sent my request on July 14 and still haven'e heard anything :0(