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    I'm a new nurse (graduated May 2009, licensed September 2009). I worked at my first nursing job - a clinical position - for about 8 months. I left the job for personal/professional reasons about a month and a half ago (I was absolutely miserable.)

    Here is my question: With hospital/other clinical nursing jobs really hard to come by, is it a terrible idea to take a non-clinical position? (The job I'm interested in is a public health research position, something I'm very passionate about.) I think I would stand to learn a lot from this position, but I'm worried that it could be detrimental to my nursing career to move into a non-clinical position so early on. Will I be able to get a clinical job in a few years if/when the job market improves, or would I be shooting myself in the foot, so to speak?

    Thank you for your advice...