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  • Oct 25 '11

    Quote from netglow
    Sweetheart, what type of clinic?
    Its a pediatric primary care clinic. The largest ambulatory peds clinic of its kind in our state. There are two separate floors. I can float upstairs if I want but upstairs is slower paced so I like where I'm at now b/c its a little faster and more goes on. There is a late clinic that I have the option of working as well if I want to change my hours up and there are satelite clinics if I want to float to those as well. We are apart of a large teaching hospital.

  • Oct 25 '11

    I also feel this way. Most days before work I question why did I even become a nurse, but then I think what else would I do. I have been a nurse for 4 years now, the first 2 in the hospital and then the 2 recent in Home Health. I did not feel this way in home health but I recently had to go back to the hospital because of school, I too want to pursue FNP. You are not alone, and quite honestly I also feel stuck and don't know what to do from here....

  • Oct 25 '11

    I here ya. I don't hate nursing, I hate bedside nursing and working in the hospital with a passion. My mental, emotional, and physical health has sufferred. Even now I sit here and want to call into work because I work a 12 and have only slept 4 hours in the last 36 hours. Awesome. At least you have school to look forward to. I am the breadwinner and have no options right now. I am thankful to have a job but working as a staff RN sucks the life right out of you.

    I have decided the schedule for nurses sucks and it was contributes to burn out. Nursing is the most demanding job of every part of you and yet there is no respite. Holidays, every other weekend, call. eves, nights and on and on. This job constantly interferes with my life outside of work. And that is the rub. I think if I just worked m-f 8-5 or even 4 10's with none of the extra BS of holidays, weekends, eves and nights I would love my job. It's the fact that I can't even enjoy my life outside of work because of how my schedule interferes. With how horrible nursing can be no matter how passionate, you need to be able to leave work and enjoy life outside of work and have that opportunity. That only comes when you have been doing this for 20+ years and don't have to do holidays, we, nights, call, etc. but by then more than half your life is gone. Screw this.

    Good luck in grad school

  • Oct 25 '11

    I hear you. I agree that bedside nursing is extremely draining and these 12 hour shifts don't help either. I sometimes float to psych unit and kind of like there- it is very different there comparing to med-surg. One of the psych nurses told me that she hated med surg floor with a passion and she loves psych unit. I actually started working in outpatient infusion clinic and it is a different flow of work, and patients are ambulatory. I know that there are jobs for nurses besides bedside care. I never liked nursing that much, but right now I don''t want to go to school to switch careers, I have BSN in nursing and plan on master's, so that I can get out of bedside care nursing for good.

  • Oct 25 '11

    I agree that nursing can be ALL of the negative things everyone here has said because I have felt every single one of them. I'm sorry you guys are in that position now.

    However the words nursing and "feeling stuck" should NEVER go together because nursing is one of the few jobs that you literally can move in and out of positions and have a variety of choices. I started in long term care (hated it) then management (hated it) then med/surg (hated it) then a stint in the ER (kind of liked it but wasn't ready) volunteered in home health (liked it but pay wasn't enough) then mother/baby (hated it) then labor and delivery (BINGO) loved it! Now I only hate going to work because the long 12's overnight are tiresome but NOT because I hate my job.

    My advice: explore many choices - and be glad you can. Find something in nursing that you are drawn to and want to be part of and go for it. Find something OUTSIDE of nursing that fulfills you otherwise so when you have a bad day you can turn to that. Meanwhile keep exploring ALL of your options because there is many, Good luck!

  • Oct 25 '11

    Reasons I love clinic work and how I'm so mentally, physically, and emotionally relieved to be going back to it in a few weeks:

    1.I can pee when I need to and not worry about being fussed out by a patient b/c I was in the bathroom for 21/2 minutes instead of taking that time to get their prn q hour morphine or their ginger ale.
    2. I can take a FULL HOUR for a lunch break. We have no patients scheduled during lunch. This means I can eat my lunch at a decent pace or go run an errand if I need to, take a minute to call a friend or family member, or meet someone for lunch, etc. etc. etc. Basically be treated like a human being instead of a pack mule.
    3. The pace is exactly like I like it. Its a steady/fast pace but in a controlled setting/enviroment. I can basically expect what my day will be like with the occasional surprise or patient going sour. (And I did not realize how important this would be for my sanity.)
    4. My work is autonomous but we also do team nursing. I love being able to share the workload, and it builds great teamwork. Its not MY patient or YOUR patient. We help each other out. I LOVE IT!!
    5. I love babies and kids. I love seeing them grow as they come back for their future check ups and that something I told or/taught the parent made a big difference.
    6. I don't have to supervise CNA/PCT's. I do my own vitals and don't have to figure out if something got done or not.
    7. I still practice alot of my skills. I do venipunctures, I&O caths, etc. I do alot of patient teaching, which I love, newborn care, asthma teaching, etc...
    8. No excessive charting. Never stay late to chart. Ever. No hourly rounding, no administration breathing down my neck.
    9. Get to leave on TIME 95% of the time and I get off at 5. I'm part time so it doesn't mean I have to work 8-5 M-F either. No weekends And I can pick up extra time if I want.
    10. I don't think about work when I'm not there, unless its a good thought about a funny kid or something. I don't dream about work or not sleep the night before going to work because I'm anxious about what my day is going to be like.
    11. When students come I actually have time to show them things.
    12. I feel like I have a LIFE with this job and it doesn't consume me, mind, body, and soul like hospital nursing has done to me.