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    Quote from shannahan
    I cannot afford to take Kaplan or any other expensive program so I'm going to design my own study plan. Please advise as to what books/study plan allowed you to pass. I ask for people who have recently passed because I heard the difficulty level was raised this year. So far I plan to use Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2010-2011 Edition: Strategies, Practice, and Review (Kaplan Nclex-Rn Exam), Saunders Q&A and Comprehesive Review 4th Ed.

    I would like to add something else in with this. Any suggestions?
    I am currently doing lots of question from the NCLEX4000 and an old Kaplan book that I have from 5 years ago, and I also have the prioritization, delegation from Lacharity. I don't use any expensive program and I will keep you posted. Hope this help.

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    Quote from agldragonrn
    i took my nclex-rn this morning and i did not use kaplan. i did pvt with the good pop up. i highly recommend you buy lacharity prioritization and delegation book. this is a must! i also used lippincotts alternate format questions because i was hoping and praying i would get a lot of sata questions because those are harder questions meaning "more" points and i was thankful i bought this book because i had like 3-4 almost exact questions from that book. i also used nclex-3500 / saunder q&a.

    and i did not care about my scores. i did not score anything beyond 70% on them so i stopped using the "exam mode" and just used "study mode" and made sure i understood all the rationales of each questions.

    good luck to you! have faith! you can do this!

    i know you would ace the nclex in a blink, cuz you are mr. calculus :d and thanks for the tips on how to pass the nclex test. you are number oneagldragonrn.

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    Quote from agldragon
    you know what gold? let's just move on. any time you have a problem with math, just pm me and i will help you. some people who never took so many math classes like i did do not know the difference. math is different compare to nursing. you can learn in math by knowing just the formulas and answers. of course nursing is different! i'm sure you know that. :d

    if you want, you can ask the moderator to close this thread since you already solved your problem and have moved on.

    good luck with nclex! i'm taking mine very soon!! we will be rns very soon. yay!!!

    i am with you 100% that you are right in this situation and i thought nurses should have compassion and empathy, but i almost got scared away from this web site when i first signed on because i did not know about the steps in posting, and i asked questions, but instead of getting help and i got intimidated by certain responds...anyway, i'm glad that i read your posting today and thanks god for people(nurse) like you. and i still can not pm yet, cuz i'm still new to this web site and i'm still learning...thank you!

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    Congratulation Amazingaloha

    And please give me the correct name of the ABC book or the author , because I just called Barnes and Nobles and they could not find that book for me. Thank you.

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    Quote from jadu1106

    i have been a member on for several years now and was constantly active on the random facts sticky when it first started back in the summer of 2007. i learned alot from that thread and am so grateful for the oppurtunity to have contributed to it!

    it's official!!! on my 6th try i have finally passed the nclex-rn!!!! i took my test tuesday, july 20, came home and did the pvt and it showed the "good" pop up. it confirmed my results today, 2 days later!! i graduated nursing school in december '06 and have struggled to pass this dreaded test ever since. i have had anywhere from 89-265 the past 5 times, and this most recent attempt had 75-76 questions!! i had 15 sata, 1 math calc, 1 traction question, and what seemed like more med, infection control (thank you to the original poster of the infection control mneumonics), and some priority/delegation questions. i didn't have any ob questions. i took my time, my test started at exactly 8am and i was walking out of the testing center at 10.20am. i honestly don't know how i felt when i left there. i didn't know if i bombed it or if i passed. as i was leaving, i had to stop to get some gas. i didn't notice this homeless person sitting in the corner outside the gas station until after i paid and finished pumping gas. i just remeber thinking i am so grateful that i am not in that situation, and that no matter if i passed or failed, at least i wasn't in the situation the homeless person was in. i went in and purchased a drink and some food for this man. i walked over and gave it to him and he was so appreciative, it felt so nice to know he was getting something to eat. i got in my car, drove off and just started crying. i still don't know why--whether i was crying because of my exam or that this homeless person crossed my path that day. i just wanted to share this story because in a way he showed me that i can be kind and good in ways where some people might take for granted.

    for my review: i started with kaplan when i first graduated for my 1st attempt, and renewed the subscription for the 2nd time (i should have just got a refund!!). the 3rd and 4th time i strictly used saunders comp review and q&a and followed suzanne's plan, but it didn't work because i didn't do my part and stick to the plan (had i stayed focused and did my part daily, i am sure i would have passed using her plan). on my 5th attempt, i used exam cram and some of the kaplan course book. for my 6th and hopefully my final attempt, i took the 3 day sylvia rayfield course in june and they not only go over questions, but also some content as well. they provide 2 books, one a study tool to help you remember what you learn, and another book with questions. i can honestly say this class and my instructor (she was phenomenal) and lots of support, confidence, positivity and prayer is what helped me pass. i went in to each of the first 5 tests feeling so nervous and having so much anxiety, it was to the point where it could have become an anxiety attack. i think the key to my sanity this time was that i kept calm, and stayed confident and positive. i did not surround myself with any negativity, every day i would tell myself, i want this badly, i will be a nurse!! in the end, i think my calm nerves and deep breathing really helped!!!!

    thank you to allnurses, and everyone for your support and encouragement!!! to show my appreciation to, i will be upgrading my membership next week!!! thank you for reading my story and experience!!!!!!!thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    time for a celebration and celebratory drink tonight!!! *wine

    radha parikh, rn!!!!
    your story in helping the homeless person touched my heart. congratulation!

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    Thank you JJSUSRN for your infos. and of course, I do believe in prayers

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    Quote from rnstudentfromky
    I have all the ATI books also. My school required us to do them. I have been doing the online practice tests. Our class also had a 2 day live review which I think helped a lot. I just can't bring myself to read the books because there are so many of them. Have you taken your test yet? If so, did you think the books were helpful for the test? I haven't taken my test yet but I am going to take it very soon.
    You're right there are so many ATI books and I don't know where to start, so I guess I'm just gonna do the questions. And I have not taking my third test yet. Thank you and please keep in touch.

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    Quote from RNlauren
    All the ATI books are fab!!!! I highly recommend them to anyone!
    Thank you for your suggestions. I will look for the ATI books

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    hi Grace02,
    I have been busy working to get money to pay for the third test, not really have time to study yet, but I have to, I'm trying to practice questions on nclex review 4000 that's it. How about you? Do you have any ideas on how to tackle this test?

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    Hello Caliotter3,
    Thank you for your note. Is that mean that people have to send note to me like you did, at least 15 notes and I have to reply 15 times? and can I do this all in one day? or do I have to wait at least 15 days to meet this rule? Please pardon me you all, this is my very first time in this site and i am trying to learning all the steps. Thank you for all your supports.

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    Hello Grace02,
    I am very sorry to hear that, then it makes two of us are failures now we do need help from all nurses that passed the NCLEX ...please help us with all the sources and tips in passing this test. Thank you all.

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    I read you note please help

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    Hello everyone,
    I am brand new to this site and love all your notes here...I have been taking the NCLEX twice and very depressed that I didn't pass I need all the helps in the world to pass this test. Please helppppp