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    Deeply saddened by this news. Thinking about everyone involved in any way and sending thoughts of support in this difficult time.

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    Wouldn't you know it! I just got an opinion piece in my email that relates to this very subject. It is certainly not a peer-reviewed-scholarly article published in a reputable journal but you may be able to use this article to find some of the reputable research you will need.

    Here's the link; American Drugs are Price Fixed to Keep Them Expensive


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    This certainly is an interesting and far ranging discussion. I was wondering though if the OP would like to post the essay question so we could possibly pool our collective wisdom and provide some useful suggestions as to the direction the assignment might take? After all, pretty much all of us have experience of interpreting essay questions and writing assignments to meet, or exceed, the required standard.

    It seems we are mostly agreed that the chosen subject merits discussion, regardless of which side of the divide of belief we are on. There is real potential for this assignment to become a very insightful ethical debate worthy of posting in full on provided the OP can find scholarly reference materials to support both sides of the argument. I haven't looked because I'm quite busy enough with my own assignments, but I'm sure this can't be the first time that the ethics of the ethical pharmaceutical industry have been questioned.


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    There has been some talk about CAM. Here's some late breaking information I got in my email just now;

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    Now Just Imagine What You Could Achieve With a Good Dry Merlot!!!

    DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate the misuse of alcohol in any way! Personally I don't drink it at all but that's just my choice. You need to make your own call on it.

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    I didn't read all 11 pages of posts so someone may already have said this; The human body is so complex that, in spite of all of the research we have done and continue to do, we still do not fully understand what makes it function. This imperfect knowledge is the reason why we have drugs that in some cases may alleviate only symptoms of a disease and also why we have drugs with nasty, and unexpected, side effects. More knowledge and a more complete understanding will lead to better drugs. But I agree wholeheartedly with Miranda that at the root of it all is what we eat and how we live that cures or causes disease. The answer can be simple a lot of the time. And a lot of the time it isn't, like with cancers, in which case we do need some of those nasty drugs and other interventions that, if applied incorrectly, can cause significant negative side effects. As for a conspiracy? I think that history shows us that some drug companies have behaved in ways that could, at best, be described as morally deficient. But so have companies in many other industries. How about those roof cleaning guys that go around ripping off the elderly? Does that mean that the entire roof cleaning industry is ripping people off? I don't think so. And it is the same with the drug companies. Sure, some of them would do well to reconsider how they do business but the majority aren't ethically or morally challenged.

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    Quote from Donald11
    On the final, you are only tested on material you learned in that one class. That's it. You are not tested on 2 or 4 years worth of material liek you are on the exit exam.
    It sounds to me like there are other, more personal, issues than exit exams in play here. However you really don't need to justify your choice to us. What matter is that you are personally satisfied that you have made the right choice for you. All schools, everywhere in the world, whatever kind of school they are, are looking to continuous quality improvement. As you say some 15 years ago exit exams started popping up. Have you considered the possibility that, although you don't like exit exams, that exit exams are industry best practice to ensure certain minimum standards are reached? I'm not defending exit exams in any way but it does seem reasonable that they started being used for very good reason. More or less at the same time as exit exams appeared the training for nurses moved from being hospital based into schools. Perhaps there is a relevant link here. Certainly older nurse have criticised new graduate nurses for a lack of practical skills and I know that most institutions are now incorporating much more practicums into their courses to address that valid concern. Several other folk have commented that it is important that you know all of your training, including that which you were taught 3 years ago. Foundational skills and knowledge are vitally important to you as a nurse because without those you simply cannot function in even the most simple of roles. How do you expect to prove to the world that you have those skills if not through an exam? Getting any kind of qualification requires hard work, dedication and sheer bloody mindedness. It makes no difference if you are studying architecture, medicine or nursing, they all require you 100% commitment. If you feel that for whatever reason you cannot make that commitment that you have made the right choice in not following this career path. I hope you do find something that ignites the passion in you. A career that you can truly make you own and that will give you that sense of satisfaction at the end of the working day that makes you say to yourself: "What a great day this was!"

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    It might pay to consider this from the school's perspective. They have a vested interest in making sure that as many of their students as possible pass their NCLEX. One way they do that, and at the same time check that they are delivering a quality program, is with exit exams. As a student it is also important that you have every opportunity to practice sitting exams. An exit exam is perfect for that. Failing an exit exam is as much a reflection on the quality of training provided by the school as it is a reflection on the student. If entire classes are failing exit exams the school has some very deep thinking to do because that is a certain indication of a real disconnect between their teaching and the standards they have set for themselves. Wishing you the best with radiology