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    Quote from snoopy29
    As a UK nurse I think there are a number of inconsistencies in this post - it may well be down to how I am reading it.

    Every hospital has a system for reporting clinical and non-clinical incidents. If this is about a nurse it will go to there ward manager or equivalent. There is a strict process of recording, reporting and responding and does not involve the inclusion of admin assistants. By there very nature they often contain highly confidential medical information and are disclosed only on a need to know basis.

    I cannot help but wonder why the HIV status of a patient was alledgedly disclosed to an admin assistant???? sorry but cannot see it happening. I also struggle with the idea of a nurse choosing to disclose this and a taxi driver refusing to transport.

    There are so many parts of the original post that have me asking "how??" but then I am also the first to know that if anyone is going to drop a huge clanger it is the medical profession.
    i was a Clerical officer working in the matrons office doing general clerical work answering phone calls taking messages compiling databases of pt.

    i will re word the first post bit confused my self now lol

    i was given an incident form form the matron who aksed me to contact the hospital in question when a Staff nurse told a Taxi driver that a patient that he was going to taken to our hospital was HIV positive its not thye point that he is HIV positive its the fact that the nurse told the Taxi driver and then the taxi driver refused to take the PT until it was explained to him. i worked on the infectious diseases unit. so the reason people were actually in the unit was because of the infections they had. i reported it to the Nursing manager of the ward in question because the day i was working the matrons were both off and had left it to me to speak to the nursing manager to get intouch with our matrons i am sorry if it seemed confusing.

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    well i would like to say hello to everyone aswell!!!

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    Quote from mjmoon
    I had a hard time understanding your post. Is a taxi an ambulance or an actual taxi? I'm genuinley curious about how policy works when it comes to confidentiality. Don't all medical personel (EMS) have a right to know a persons HIV status? Or are we talking about an actual taxi driver given this sensitive information?
    we are actually talking about an actual taxi driver who is doing a hosital transfer who in thery shouldnt know

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    hi my first post!!!
    i am just starting nursing in Sheffield uk in september
    i was working in a hospital in the uk as a admin assistnant. i recived an incident form from the nursing manager and it was reported that a PT that had been transfered to the hopsital i was at and had come form another hopital at the other hospital the nurse that booked the Taxi to bring him to my hospital (my department) had told the taxi driver that the PT was coming to our hopital for treatment of his HIV!!!!! I just coundnt believe that she had told him. due to the job i was in i had to phone her hospital and report her to the manager. the taxi driver then refused totake the PT