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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    Have you had your resume looked at for grammar and spelling and format? Same with your cover letter?
    My resume had a typo even after 2 ppl read over it. Take another look at your resume/coverletter.

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    Quote from Edie10
    Hi! Congrats on the job. Do you mind telling me if you work full or part time, 8 or 12 hours, and approximately what the pay is? I have an interview there soon and I'm just wondering how it compares to other places. Also, how long is your orientation, did you have ED experience as a tech? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks a lot.
    Full time 8 hrs, starting at 27/hr. Also I didn't have any ER experience. I'm still in orientation but for the ER it's 12 weeks but b/c I'm a new grad it may be extended a couple weeks depending on how I'm progressing...

    Good luck with the interview.

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    I know I'm guilty. I bet there's not one nurse out there that will work for free.

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    Quote from klone
    Keep in mind that in a few years, if you're interested in becoming an NP, you will need a doctorate, rather than a master's.
    They are really raising the bar.

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    Quote from mjmoon
    Why am I not surprised a man would have this attitude. I guess we should go back to the time of the caveman :Woman have babies: :Woman stay home: :Woman take care of man: :Woman not work:

    What next? Fertility becomes a pre-exisiting condition?

    Agreed. I thought the same thing when I read that post.

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    I'm a new grad and started orientation this month. So far it's really wonderful. The nurse educators are fantastic. I work in the ED and so far all the nurses are really nice and helpful.

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    It's really tough in San Diego. I just moved from San Diego to Michigan and was thankfully able to get a hospital job in less than a month. A few of my nursing classmates moved out of CA as well, mostly to TX.

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    Quote from kayern
    Do your homework! I always ask the applicant why they want to work at my institution and what they know about us. Usually they say "It a magnet hospital". Not enough............

    That's a really good point. Take a look at how the hospital is involved in the community or recent press releases.

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    Take a look at their mission statement and values. I was asked to pick one of their values and give an example of when I demonstrated/upheld that value at a previous job.

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    Quote from Edie10
    I have an interview on Tuesday with U of M and it is my first new grad interview!!!.

    Good luck with the interview! How long have you been looking before you got the interview?