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    thanks everybody for your words of wisdom, especially you otter. i've decided not to go through college network and deal directly with excelsior. also, i qualify for scholarships but will not be able to use my grant money for my adn; but could if i were pursuing my bsn. if anyone has any advice or updates feel free to pass it on, i'd love to read it!!!

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    Quote from caliotter3
    if you want an alternative to getting back into a program look at excelsior college: you are eligible if you have completed more than 50% of an rn program, including the clinical portion. but take the well meant advice of others to stay away from the publishing companies like the college network. the $5000 plus that you would pay the college network in addition to tuition to excelsior college could be better used elsewhere. look for the college network study guides on ebay. they are a lot more helpful when you pay $15 or $20 for them.
    thank you for your advice; i have been looking at that option. i can also use my grant money with excelsior but not if i go through college net work. do you know if the study guides are current to the materials i would we using?

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    now that it is 2010, can someone tell me if they have done the college net plan/excelsior plan passed boards ands are now working as a rn in california or nevada. i haven't signed up yet but i am 1 semester from my rn degree and am waiting to get back into a program, sitting out for the 2nd semester.
    seriously frustrated!!!!