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    Quote from shortsheryl
    I have only worked in Psych and I love it. I have worked in an inpatient hospital, an outptient mental health clinic, and now in the ER with a unit specifically for psych. I still love it. It is so much different than providing nursing care to those with physical health problems. It takes more than medications to help those with mental health problems; so even though a lot of times Med/Surge nurses make comments about Psych nurses doing it because they are either lazy or lack nursing skills, I completely disagree because I know I am making a difference.
    How long have you been doing psych nursing for? After i upgrade my BIO, i will be 30 when I start my school and 32 when i finish. Is that to late to start? How old were you when you started taking schooling in this area?

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    Hi, So I am 28 years old and have been working a 9 to 5 job for the past 6 years. I want to do more with my life and help people rather than just sit in a desk all day. I have recently became very interested in going back to school to take psych nursing. There is a 2 year program offered in my city that i am thinking about taking but am nervous about how i am going to go to school full time and also work and pay bills while i am in school. I am also thinking that i may be to old to go back to school and if i do graduate will i be able to get a job? Will i like the shift work? will i have time to spend with my family/start a family? So just curious if anyone who has taken Psych Nursing has ever pondered these same questions. I want to do a job shadow as well; is job shadowing possible? What is the lifestyle like as an RPN? Any imput and comments you can offer me will be very helpful in making my decision to go back to school rather than being in Administration for the rest of my life.