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    I am on my second week on a neuro med/surg floor...Im so scared. I dread going and the entire day before that is all i think of. My preceptor is amazing and the staff are great and that is what gets me through my day. i feel like all of you, and soon enough we will be that experienced nurse!!!!

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    I would STRONGLY recommend taking the hurst review course. Its a live review and they give you this book that you have to fill in the blanks for. The book was able to break things down in specific sections. They have a 98% pass rate and if you fail the NCLEX they reimburse you. Look on there web site, they have a video of the review on it. It was expensive (350) but well worth it.

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    My clinical group all have tried the trick..and it was correct! Good luck to you! P.S I passed with the full amount of questions.