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  • Sep 25 '12
  • Sep 25 '12

    night shift.

    *no docs
    *no family
    *no mgmt
    *no problem

  • Nov 20 '11

    Those clamps are there to create "positive pressure" and prevent the back flow of blood into the line that might clot off and occlude the lumen. The procedure is to alcohol the port, connect your syringe, open up the clamp, flush the line, close the clamp just before you finish flushing all the fluid into the line , and finally disconnect the syringe.

    With peripheral IV's if you are doing something like flush to check for patency, med, and lastly flush, it is only necessary to close the clamp after the final flush. With central lines you close that clamp before you disconnect every syringe.

  • Nov 18 '11

    How about you work only 8 hrs a day and leave the rest of the work till fri so that you will be coming in to work on Fri whether there are admissions or not.
    You are working above and beyond for an employer that is paying you below your actual hours worked.
    Do this for a while and they will get the picture.

  • Nov 18 '11

    Quote from SN_2012
    Thanks for everyone's honest opinion. No matter how harm they may seem I'm very grateful for them. I don't want to seem selfish because I'm really not that type of person. When I took the scholarship of course I took the opportunity. But now that I'm matured more and got more experience I just want a change of sensory. I don't think that's to much to ask for. I understand that it might sound selfish but that's just how I feel honestly. If I can't find a hospital to do that then I will gladly take that job. I just wanted to see what other options I had that's all.
    As I pointed out before you can ask, and they can say NO. What papers did you may obligate you and you'll have no choice if they say no. If you break the contract there will be litigation so I'd get a lawyer. Frankly I'd get a lawyer right now to look at your paperwork so your next post won't be......"They suspended my license and said I committed fraud! a"nd are going to press charges!!" Really? this suprises you? Even if they let you will have to pay them back and it will take a whole lot longer than 4 years.

    NOw I'm going to say something you aren't going to like........If I was your mother (I know I'm not) I would remind you that you are sounding like a petulant child and there are consequesces to your actions. YES I THINK YOU ARE ASKING OFR TOO MUCH! That you entered into a legally binding offer in good faith and they believed that you would fullfill your obligation....honesty and intergrity is an important part of being and adult and a NURSE. I would tell you That after allowing a facility to cough up somewhere around $70,000 for your owe them, BIG TIME. Now put you big girl panties on and fullfill your obligation. It's like borrowing money to buy a new car and then not paying back the loan because you no longer like the color.

    You want to be all grown up and mature......then you need to fullfill your obligations. Find your big city job in four years after you fullfill and payback what you owe....peace.

  • Sep 1 '11

    Unless you had an option for it to transfer to your bank account without fee's I would be livid! I can't imagine having to pay some stupid ATM fee just to access my paycheck so my employer can save a couple dollars themselves. Passing that onto the employee is unconscionable

  • Aug 26 '11

    NELRP help,
    I wanted to thank you again for being a ray of light after such a dark and gloomy process. I've taken great pride in telling my freshly graduated coworkers how the NELRP program may be changing for the good, and becoming more user friendly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The insight you've given us, good or bad, has been greatly appreciated. If only you had found us sooner!!!! Whatever they pay you, it's not enough. Hopefully some of the taxes they've taken out of our awards goes back into your wallet!*wine