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    I've had 2 jumpers without fatalities. It is your hospitals responsibility to make a safe ward for the patients that are admitted with such a diagnosis. Finally we started a one on one ICU requirement for patients with drug and alcohol problems for at least 24 hours and an eval by a licensed professional who deals with clients frequently. I had no warninhg for either patient, or the one who stabbed himself with straws all over his body admitted from a group home. Sometimes you have no warning signs!! One patient was in a room near the hurses station and ran across the station, vaulted up and outward with a bench toward a window. Fortenately he hit the window sill not the window and he was on suicide watch. I was house sup that night, so i WAS RESPONSIBLE along with the nurse who cared for him. I had talked to mim not 2 hours before. He was rational, had talked with a counxelor and our pastor. Some times you cannot help patients anymore than will allow you to. Tjis patient went to a psych center on lockdown. sometimes with ETOH or drugs on board these centers will not accept admission until the patient is sobwer. The rules need to change, not the nurses,!!