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    In Gpc

    Hey Eaglegirl!! Are ya bored yet!! I saw your post and had to reply!!! Its so great to say we're grads!!!! We made it!!

    When I first began my journey, I was faced with a decision between two schools. I am so thankful that I went with my heart's decision of NGCSU.

    I must add that at NGCSU the instructors are wonderful and you actually end up with some time for family!

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    Hi! I just wanted to say that both Athens Tech and NGCSU are great programs. I'm currently in the NGCSU program and LOVE it! I think you will be happy with either one. I've had a few friends go to athens tech and the program sounds similar. So if you get in one and not the other don't be to upset. Good luck to you! Just don't give up, GPC is a stressful program and nursing school doesn't have to be all stress. Keep your chin up and good luck!

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    Hi! It is a uniform advantage store at southlake and uniform world in decatur in suburban plaza. Good luck! They are also having a sale on shoes this month.

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    Hi! I'm not sure if this helps but I know there is one at southlake mall and one in Decatur on Church street. If you are at GA state that might be a close good choice. Good luck!

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    Whatever you do don't give up! Try taking additional classes towards your BSN while you are waiting. You might even find it quicker to apply for a BSN program. I hope you get answers soon. Good luck!

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    Try amazon. I've got a friend who sold some of her books on there. You should also ask some of the 1st year students at your school. I bought some of my books for second year that way. Good luck!

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    Quote from AtlantaRN
    I graduated from gordon in 1996 from the nursing program, my son starts this fall so he will be class of 2007!

    I was out of school for many years, and too had to take some test...I ended up taking "developmental" math (algebra, got an A).

    I freaked out the other day because he hadn't had all of his HEP B injections,
    but called the school and said, it's fine, just have to have all immunizations before starting fall clinicals.

    Forgot how expensive books are. you can find alot on

    Congratulations to you! My sons' name is Jake, 6'0", dark hair, nice young
    man. (not trying to hook you up or anything), he was concerned that he would be the "only male" in the class (there were only 4 in my class).

    What I remember from school is STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, AND THEN STUDY SOME MORE! I would make index cards with notes and walk around the lake at my church and just study... Study the chapters you will cover BEFORE lecture, so it is fresh in your mind when you are in lecture.

    What I remember from clinicals is: Clean SHOES!!! Make SURE your white shoes are white...I can remember a gal being sent home cause her shoes were scuffed and she didn't have any shoe polish to fix them...

    Good LUCK to YOU! Nursing is wonderful and you will have more shifts and opportunities than you will know what to do!

    Just wanted to say that I'm sure Jake won't have a problem! We have several in our class and they are doing great! So tell him to hang in there in the long run it will be worth all the stresss!!

    I know several who went to Gordon and enjoyed it. A lot of work but well worth it!!

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    I agree that some stress is important. Just know that all schools are not set up to make you fail. It is important to be able to handle the stress level without losing it in class and at clinicals. If you are trying to decide on a program ask around. Others will tell you their experiences and their opinions. Just remember that it is their own thoughts. Everyone deals with stress uniquely and you may not have the same experience. Good luck to you!!!

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    Quote from charlies
    It may also help to remember that every nurse, pt, cna, na, etc before you has learned to handle it. If they can, there is no reason why you can't. It's all in your head.

    This is what I do, I swear it works. Learn to breath through your mouth only. Be careful not to hyperventilate.

    Ditto!! Once you go through that situation, you'll believe you can do anything!!!:chuckle :chuckle

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    No it is not silly. They have this room spray you can use if the smell is just too much! Just take a deep breath and tell yourself you can handle what comes your way! Show no fear, before you know it you'll become an old hat at it. Just remember that the instructors are there to help, they won't let you do anything that would risk their license and patient safety. Enjoy your clinicals and use it for the most learning experiences. Good luck to you!

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    If you can hear when using it, then I would go ahead and use it for now. It really is ok not to spend $100 on a new one. They often sprout legs and walk off at clinicals. I would use the one you were given unless you feel like you want another one. Besides, there is so much other stuff you will have to purchase. Good luck!

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    Quote from Katydidit34
    I, like many of us, am staring my first semester in August. I've been a stay-at-home mom since the birth of my twins six years ago. I have been going to school for the last two years but I know that nursing school will demand a whole lot more of my time. I'm looking for ideas on what kinds of things others have done to make life easier at home before school starts so that the house runs smoothly during school. I am not the best housekeeper on the norm, and of course, I do all the shopping and pay the bills and set all the doc/dentist appts., etc. Have any of you found a routine that works for you? I hope this makes sense. LOL!!! I'm just down to one month before school starts and I want to get all my ducks in a row. Thanks in advance for any input.

    I'm sure this has all been said before but this is what has aided me through the first year!

    I have learned organization is the key to sanity! I found that once I started nursing school I was losing my memory for the simple things such as bills, apts etc. I purchased a student detail planner. I really liked the one that breaks the day down in hours. Anyway, I would plan my study plan for two weeks or so at a time. On the day at hand I would get into detail by how many pages of reading, assignments and even break times. I would also note apts, test days etc bill due dates if I didn't remember. This improved my productivity during study days and allowed me to be finished before school let out. Look into child care now if you know your schedule. You will alway know that your kids are in good hands and if you are late from clinicals, lecture etc they are safe and sound!
    I found myself preparing a lot of frozen foods. The crock pot is wonderful because you can do it the morning or evening before and your family still has a decent meal. Cleaning did fall to the waist side. I encouraged everyone to help pitch in to keep the house running. This included making sure my husband could be home on time and giving a helping hand.
    Nursing school takes a lot of your time. I found that by using a planner and things like the crock pot gave myself extra time to spend with my family. Organization and time management are going to be the key! The program I attend was smart enough to have a little social gathering for famalies of the nursing students. The facilty was able to speak to the spouses etc concerning the demands of nursing school. This was great because only you know what the program is like. This gives the spouses information other than you so they are more likely to be underrstanding. I hope the program you are attending does this too. As long as you can get organized there will be less stress for you and yours.
    Good luck! The first year is a long and bumby ride, but oh is it exciting!!! :chuckle

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    I have taken both of these classes. I also know students who have completed them online. Basically I've heard they are possible with dedication and being focused on your work. I'm not sure if you are overloading yourself, but I took the classes seperately because there was a large amount of information to learn for both courses. Good luck to you!

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    I just want to wish you best of luck. Please contact your board and school for more info. It is always better getting the information straight from the source who knows. Good luck to you.

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    I know this happens a lot when other students talk about difficulty level. Before you know it you're stressed out! Pharm isn't bad at all brush up on basic math skills, ratios, decimal points etc. I've really enjoyed the Incredibly Easy book for Patho. Once I started reading my med surg for this fall, I decided to use this book to go into each system and it's disorders. I don't think it would be tough. If you loved A&P I think you won't have problems with patho! Good luck to you.