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    This is really late but speaking from the pediatric ER the ratios are horrible. Talking to the floor nurses their director is a total micro-manager and I was told not to think about it by a colleague who is looking to leave.The hospital in general has focused on building a new hospital and ICU tower and has cut employee benefits, suspended raises, and over time so when you a short several nurses it is sink or swim. The pay is great if you work PRN otherwise it is not worth your time or the stress. Surrounding area is average. Hopefully you bypassed the opportunity otherwise you already are experiencing what I am talking about.

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    thank you for your reply. it is greatly appreciated.

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    Does anyone have any thoughts about working in holy cross' ER? How is the work environment there and how are the nurses treated? Would you recommend for a close friend to work there or your worst enemy I need some input before I make an attempt.