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    I took my Nclex-Pn in CA on June 30 and exactly 4 weeks later, i got my results & I Passed!!! God is soooo good!! HE deserves all the glory! I doubted that the PVT worked, and was so certain that I had failed. I would constantly check for the good pop up everyday and it kept me sane. It works 100%. Good luck to all those planning on taking the nclex & congrats to all those who passed!!!!!

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    Quote from wecandothis
    After 6 long weeks of waiting I found out today that I PASSED!! YAY!!! PVT worked for me and so far for everyone in my class!

    hi wecandothis, did you take the nclex-pn in CA? I took mine on June 30th, and have been waiting for exactly 4 weeks as of today. I hope i get mine soon. i heard people posting that the PVT trick does not work in CA because our state does not have quick results. BUT CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!

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    Quote from roxy_f
    Has anyone called LVNPT lately to see what day they're on? I took the NCLEX-pn in CA on June. 26

    Roxy_f, i took my NCLEX-PN on June 30 in CA. The wait is horrible, and i think in CA the wait could be up to 7 weeks? Have you been constantly checking your PVT results too, to check if the good pop up still shows?

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    Quote from kaety
    I know how all of you are feeling! I took my NCLEX-RN on the 29th, and I have checked probably a million times for the pop-up. Everytime I get the good one. I am 45 minutes away from my 48 hour time limit for my quick results, and it is ABSOLUTELY killing me! LOL When the computer shut off at 89 questions for me, I thought for sure I had failed. I just wanted to cry the whole hour drive back home, but I held my composure until I got to my computer to check the pop-up trick. I think that just because I got the good pop-up is the only reason I have survived the last two days! LOL I pray to God it works.....cause I honestly don't think I can handle much more of this drama! LOL

    I wish you all the best of luck.....and CONGRATS to all you new RN's!!!!!!!!!


    i know what you mean! I feel like I check the for the pop up a hundred times a day. I wish CA had the quick results. I'm going crazy!! Its like the pop up is the only thing that gives me a little glimpse of hope..
    I have to wait a month to get my results!! I hope the pop up really is a good sign...

    I'm wishing all of you good luck with the official results :]]

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    I took the NCLEX PN today in CA and it shut off after 97 questions. I checked the PVT and got the good pop up. I really really really hope that this trick is real!!!

    Good luck to all those waiting for results!