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    1. DFW area

    2. Texas

    3. Hospital

    4. 12.97/hr, after 5 yrs with same started at 9.50/ extra $1.25/hr 2nd shift,$1.75/hr 3rd shift, and $2.50/hr on the weekends.

    5. 401k, tuition reimbursement, flex pay (still don't understand what that is, but I get an extra $12 on every paycheck??), profit sharing (a nice little extra $200-$500 once a year if we keep our survey scores high--nurses get closer to an extra $1000), health/vision/dental insurance (the package for me and my two children is around $25 a paycheck, with $25 co-pays and $10 generic scripts), and payroll deduction for any hospital service rendered in the same network (where they take increments out of your paychecks over 4 months if you have a surgery at any hospital in the network...very convenient). Oh yeah, and PTO accrual of 7 hrs for every week I complete my required hours (32 hr/wk).

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    When the conversation in the break room involves bodily functions, and you can all laugh about it over your lunch.

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    I once had a very confused man that loved chocolate pudding, and he called out because he was "dying." Knowing he was confused, I asked him what he was dying from....his answer? "Starvation due to lack of chocolate pudding" exact words.