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    I'm a fairly new nurse and still constantly learning and refreshing. I have been reading a bit about DIC, as I had a pt and the possibility of it was mentioned in their chart. Anyway, would it be fair to say their blood becomes like curdles milk? The clots thin out the rest?

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    Quote from leanne.roberts
    When do you begin orienting?

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    Quote from ean29
    Where in the country did you get hired right out of school into the Nursery/PP? I only ask because my best friend is trying to get into that area as a new grad and has found all doors closed.

    As a new grad, one of the best pieces of advice I've heard is - Don't think you'll be able to learn everything before you hit the floor. It really resonated home with me for I had been planning all these extravagant study tools. NOT to say that brushing up on key concepts is bad, but don't overload yourself. Like the poster above said, it's your first day, it's been a while since OB - so just let yourself learn. That being said, I bet there is a ton of stuff online also that can guide you. Best wishes!
    I was hired in Shreveport, LA. I'm not the only new grad. A classmate of mine is in L&D.

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    Wow, I got my endorsement in a week and a few days. I had them send me an app and then I downloaded the temp app off their website. That way I had all the application stuff filled in by the time the fingerprint cards, etc. came. Then I did the running around and overnighted it to the BON. I faxed my school to send transcripts and my "certificate of graduation" or whatever its called. They did that really quick, I was surprised.

    When I called two days later the, very rude, lady in the endorsement department told me it would be 7-10 business days until she got the app from the front desk. That was Thursday. Monday morning I logged in and saw that I had a permit up on the website.

    You do have to have an instate address, though. I used a friends.

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    I just graduated in May and have gotten a position in the Nursery/PP area. I will cross train to NICU and L&D also. It has been awhile since I did my OB rotation and I'm afraid I'm going to walk into work looking like their greatest mistake.

    Can anyone give me any helpful hints on how to not look like an idiot my first day.


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    I agree, but at the same time... the "not my job" or "not my patient" attitude is what got us here in the first place.