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    Hey everyone. I had just spoken to an admissions counselor and he told me that I havn't been denied but my application has been deferred for winter term because they have already filled the seats for fall. What does that really mean? I am really confused and don't know what to think. Have I been denied? Is that a nicer way of saying you have been denied?

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    Hi everyone. Although I am new to the site as a member, I have been reading all the insights and replies that have been posted. I too am still waiting for a response from Nova. I applied in late April and call three times a week. I am so happy for all the ones who have been accepted so far and pray that I will be joining the crew very soon. I'm worried only because my GPA is the bare minimal a 3.04 but I completed an AA degree as well. Admissions reassured me that they take into consideration whether or not you have completed a degree but I still feel worried. Any words of encouragement?