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    Nursing school is a challenge, and I believe everybody has had bad experiences or a bad instructor. Out of the 4 semester I enjoyed only 1 1/2. Most of the time I felt I could not show any weakness, doubt or sign of tiredness; I could not count on instruction's compassion or understanding, open up or ask for much help. We were expected to be prepared up to the teeth and do all we were expected to do the correct way. Only one nurse, during the 2 years were more willing to be nice and helpful. Beside the nursing school stress and demands many of us go through personal challenges as well and, in many cases, can impact our performance and concentration, and that happened to me also. However, my experience taught me, that I was supposed to put all aside, which was hard for me. But I've persisted and refused to fail the program, I was available to work on everything needed for me to make it. Today, though I know some of the bad experiences and feelings I had still hunt me at times....I will move on doing always my very best. Out of all instructors I had, only 3 showed me what to be a nurse really means. Move on girl!!!

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    I failed 1st time, and passed 2nd time with 85 questions. On my 2nd try I practice critical thinking that KAPLAN teaches when answering questions....the secret for me was to focus in how to read the NECLEX questions the right way; identify what the question is really asking. Don't give up! I suggest you identify some unproductive thinking toward the exam and focus on the nursing process and critical thinking... I also prayed a lot to calm me down and encourage myself.

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    Passed on second try with 85 questions....did PVT and 2 days later got the quick result PASS. PVT WORKS!!!!!

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    Very helpful. Thank you!

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    Thank you Tara, it not just helped me but it inspired me as well. Congratulations!!!