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    I've been working in SICU for a month as a new nurse and I've noticed that I need pens, stethoscope, scissors, 2 hemostats, penlight and a carpuject injector...oh, and I've got one of those mini sharpies that attaches to my badge...very handy.

    I also agree with the comfy shoes, a lab coat or scrub jacket for when you get cold and ibuprofen to keep in your locker.

    Hope this helps!

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    Just wanted to follow up to say I got the job!!!!!!!! I'm super excited!!!

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    Thank you for your help! I shadowed last week and used many of your tips. I got the offer and accepted today!!!

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    My school does the same thing, but some instructors will work with you on this. Try a different clinical instructor. If they still say no, there's just not much you can do. If there is a nurse at one of your clinical rotations you worked closely with you could try asking them.

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    Well, the shadow experience went great (from my point of view). The nurses I shadowed seemed like a I would like to join. I asked a lot of questions....they seemed to just roll off the tongue, because I was honestly interested and wanted to learn.

    Now, I wait! Ahhhhh!

    Thanks for the congratulatory comments and good luck to those of you still waiting to hear!

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    I'm a new grad RN (already licensed, yay!) and have been invited to have a shadow experience after my interview last week. I am really excited about this opportunity and would love to land this would be a dream (as well as a lot of hard work!)

    I know this is strictly observation and that I am a "newbie," but I want the nurses that I will potentially be working with to know that I am competent and truly interested as well as show I can be a valuable and fun part of the team.

    Any advice from those of you who currently work in SICU?

    I'm not trying to be someone I'm not, clearly I know that I am new and do not know everything; however I'm up for the challenge of this position and I want to portray that.

    Many thanks in advance!!

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    Quote from jgtdolphin
    Okay, so I saw the maillady drive by, and ran to get the mail, I then saw an IVyTech envelope, and my stomach & heart dropped. I began shaking like crazy with nerves. THe verdict is that I made ALTERNATE for the ASN at Anderson. I guess that's better than a rejection.
    So I will accept the offer, but I will also accept the PN at Lawrence, just in case I never get that Anderson call. I'm assuming that since I got into the PN at Lawrence, that I probably didn't make it into the RN. I'm wondering if I should wait it out a few more days, or call to verify this.
    I should be excited and relieved, but I'm feeling dissapointment in myself and overwhelmed. It could be the perfectionist in me??
    Now for the stupid question: In the letter it states " you must provide a current healthcare provider CPR card which is to include AED(American heart association or red cross). I do not have a current CPR card(it expired along long time ago, I did take a 2 hr course on CPR a couple of years agom, but was never given a card. I'm assuming I need to go get a card by taking a class. ANy suggestions to where??? YMCA is the only place that comes to mind.
    Congrats on the alternate..I hope you get a letter/call saying you get an ASN spot!

    As far as CPR, I know that Lawrence has a stipulation that you have American Heart Association BLS for healthcare providers. You can search local hospitals or go to AHA's website. This certification lasts for 2 years...and employers look for BLS certification (Basic Life Support). I don't know what the red cross offers in the way of healthcare provider CPR.

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    My husband got acceptance letters for ASN at Anderson and Lafayette!! Score of 166.4. I'm so proud of him!!

    Good luck to everyone who's waiting!

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    Woohoo! I got a call back to go shadow on the unit next week... and we'll go from there after that!

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    Waiting, waiting, waiting.... lol

    Still applying for other jobs, too... And I should focus this nervous energy into cleaning the house since it's been neglected since I started nursing school!

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    I am the same way. I just had an interview and when asked to describe my personality, I said organized and professional, yet laid back, easy to get along with... and I was sure to say that I am assertive when I need to be (because I am)... but I don't know anyone who actually likes confrontation!

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    Quote from Mama_Cashew
    Fort Wayne isn't going out until tomorrow? Oh good grief! That means if I'm lucky I might have a letter by Saturday.

    I'm going to be drunk and bald by the time all this is over. LOL

    Which campus are you hoping to get in to?
    LOL! Ironically, I do drink more and I've gotten some gray hair since the beginning of nursing school. I guess it comes with the territory!

    Good luck!!!

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    Quote from sminnick
    Ok so I spoke with the Anderson and Fort Wayne campus. Anderson letters went out today and Fort Wayne going out tomorrow!
    Thanks! I know my husband has been anxiously awaiting his Anderson letter. We live close, so I hope we get it tomorrow!!