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    In regards with the acquisition of a Dual Citizenship, will there be any negative consequences with that in the long run? I mean, as far as reaching a certain age (25)? because I've heard some cases that a person who's dual reaches 25 yrs of age... the US notifies them to pick one citizenship over the other, so I'm kinda worried if this applies to Philippines... or does it not? Has anybody ever been dual with philippines to study abroad and was 25 yrs of age or over and not experience this kind of prompt from the US embassy (that u have to pick 1 citizenship over the other)?

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    Quote from maxmus
    I'm sorry but I'm from California. Yes, credits were given to most of the courses I've taken. Where in the Visayas are you going to study? Schools do require 5 years as from what I heard. Yes, I'm a 2nd courser and therefore don't have to spend that long there. I hope that I can finish all documents required from the embassy so that I can start soon.
    Oh, my bad. So you're from Cali, I see. Same here. What was your reason for wanting to do it in the Phils? If you already have your Bachelors, the new criteria system for most community colleges (ADN) should merit you for that along with your prereqs and TEAs scores. But anyway, when did u start with your embassy requirements and how far along r u, as I'd like 2 get an idea of the time-frame so I can get my stuff done, too. And will u b doing dual citizenship? And do you have any idea what kind of entrance test you'll b taking in Phils?

    Yes, the new curriculum is 5 years in Phils, but a friend told me that some schools are finding ways to circumvent that by sacrificing their schools' summer breaks (I've heard 3 summers, so at least u get 2 keep the last 1 for urself. hehe). I'm still doing a canvas of schools (preferably the prestigious ones) right now and am applying to a few rn schools in cali for the spring opening, with the hopes that this time around, I'll get accepted so I don't have 2 go 2 Phils (leaving my family, jumping through hoops as a foreign-trained nurse, etc...). But we gotta do what we have 2 do, right.

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    Hey, maxmus. I think I'm planning to study schools in the visayas area. So when is your target date to study in Manila? And you're a 2ndcourser, yes? I've heard (but I could be wrong) Philippines have done away with 2nd courser programs, and all will have to start back from scratch (btw, can any expert confirm if this is correct?). I really hope I'm wrong, as I don't want to have to repeat all of the classes I've taken. Most of my friends there did suggest that whatever school I plan to go, should be more than willing to credit the subjects I've taken considering it's from an American college.

    So what about you? What's the status of your evaluation? Did your target schools give you credit for classes you've taken in Canada?

    Btw, if you are going by this route, too, I'd assume it's pretty competitive, complicated, and difficult to get into nursing schools there? How are things in Canada, as far as applying to nursing schools, employment for nurses, and employment of foreign-trained nurses?

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    With the scarce available jobs now in socal, I'm just curious if hospitals (or any hiring establishment) would prefer a (say if both had 2 years experience) BSN nurse over an ADN nurse? Or does it really not matter?

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    Quote from maxmus
    iscream4u we have the same situation me...i decided to do it there...
    Hey, maxmus. I tried PMing you, but it seems I can't for some reason. I'm eager to learn of your experiences concerning this route.

    To the mods: Is the PM feature reserved only for premium members, or something? I can't seem to PM anyone.

    P.S. Any additional answers to my several questions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you all for your replies.

    As I forge ahead with my plans to study over at Phil. for that BSN, I've been met with opposition by some family members. I was strongly warned to not go this route because my studying in Phil. will just be useless. I don't understand how this is true. Can anyone verify, if indeed, this route would end up useless? I understand the current nursing climate in the US (US grads having a hard time finding employment along with retrogression) is not at its most favorable. But am I suppose to accept this RN crisis as something perpetual? Surely, in a few years time (hopefully right after i finish my BSN), this whole debacle will end, right? Said family members have also mentioned that I'll be having a hard time getting my credentials transferred over, not to mention all the hoops I need to jump after graduation. I'm aware of that, but I know I won't be the only USC going this route. I don't think said family members understand how different the admission process of RNs here compared to Phils. It's far more complicated and competitive here. But that's not to say RN schools at Phil. won't be. It'sd just that admissions in Phil. RN schools may be a bit easier, but they'd still test students what they're truly made of (at least the prestigious schools). So I don't understand where all this discouragement is coming from. They also prefer that I do it at Canada instead. But doesn't Canada have the same admissions requirements (GPS, lottery, merit-based) as the US anyway? And I'd be paying higher rates since I'm not Canadian. Not to mention my aforementioned disadvantages of lack of funds, no car to go to clinicals, still be needing Canadian dollars, etc.. To me, the Phil. route makes more sense. Does anyone have any opinion on this? Am I really kicking my butt in the long run for getting my BSN at Phils.?

    On another note, these are the procedures I've gathered as far as what to do after getting my BSN from Phils and then coming back to the US to work. Please, for anyone more knowledgeable, feel free to correct/add on it.


    1. Go to (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) and apply for CES (Credentials Evaluation Service).
    ---> This process can take about 4 months (right?).

    2. No need to take the NLE, sicne I'm USC (I'm positive about going Dual, though).
    ---> If I'm Dual, should I just take the NLE just to be on the safe side?

    3. I am to fill out documents from and give them to my school.
    ---> What, specifically, are these documents?

    4. The Dean and Registrar will have to fill out the sent documents from and send them my official trancript of records and RLE summary (?).
    ---> What's RLE?

    5. In some cases, they may waive the form for the PRC to fill out.
    ---> How does one qualify for this waive and what is PRC?

    6. They will also need a photocopy of high school diploma.
    ---> Who needs the HS diploma, the PRC or

    7. All above expenses are approximately $400 (?!).
    ---> Is it really this expensive to get it all done?

    8. After all requirments are done, can finally sit for the NCLEX.
    ---> Say if I need 2 move 2 another state, will I need to do the whole process over again?

    To anyone more familiar with this process, please correct mine if I'm missing some vital steps (and anser my mini qiestions under each step). Thank y'all.

    Oh and P.S., what about, if in the future, I decided to relocate to Canada with a BSN from Phil. and a US citizen? What would be the steps?

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    So I've contacted some acquaintances over there, and my friend said she knew someone who was also a US citizen (she applied for Dual, too) trying to get her BSN in the Philippines. Although it's not required (as I've read) of US citizens to take the NLE over there, she decides to do the two years servitude to gain clinical experience. Would this give her any advantage (US citizen doing 2 years clinical exp) in applying for a job in the States compared to a US citizen who just leaves the country after getting the degree and immedietly takes the NCLEX over here? Or would it not make any difference at all?

    My other questions:

    1. What are the challenges should I expect when I come back to the States after getting my BSN in the Philippines, in terms of meeting US standards? What "standards" are these?
    2. Will I still have priority considerig my US citizenship even if I'm a foreign-trained nurse?
    3. Will the retrogression affect me personally, or does it only pertain to the locals?
    4. With a foreign BSN, can I still school for advancement (Nurse Practitioner) in the US? Will they credit my foreign BSN?
    5. What positions can a foreign BSN holder expect as an entry level? And do these foreign BSN nurses have precedence over ADN US nurses?

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    Quote from doza
    hey there. i hope my reply can help. if you have family in the pi then try to ask them for help. if not, try emailing the schools. if not, call them. use a phone card, buy skype credits or try the magic jack (very popular among pinoys haha).
    , yeah i heard. i better try to get on that magic jack bandwagon. way cheaper.

    here are my questions:
    1. would it be better for me to obtain student visa or dual-citizenship?
    dual. it will only cost you the amount of a philippine passport from your nearest phil consul, about $150-$200 5 years ago, which you can get in a couple of weeks, depends on how fast you want to expedite it. just not sure how much it is now. you can always call them to check. dont even think of filing for one in the phil, red tape and all. my cousin filed for her son in the us and it only took her 2 weeks to get the passport. i filed in the philippines and it took me 2 years, despite constant follow ups, because i didnt want to give any "lagay". had to look for someone to pressure the @#$% immigration agent to give it to us.
    oh good. i truly hope it takes only 2 weeks or a few weeks for that matter. if i can get it together, i might just catch the november opening. otherwise, i'd have to wait for june of next year, and i'm not getting any younger. if your cousin's son is a minor, would this contribute to the rapid processing of the dual citizenship, or is it about the same speed for the adults as well? and so what happens after you get your dual? i'm assuming you'd get to stay in philippines for as long as the studies take? and what about issues regarding jury duty or taxes needing filing while you're outof the country?

    3. considering my two associates degrees, will all the classes i've taken be credited, thus making my class load lighter (or i can finish bsn in 2-3 years)?
    i think to some extent it can be credited. once you find a school, contact them for an evaluation. i think it's about 2.5 years to finish.
    2.5 years? is this what they'd call "second courser" programs? i heard they've done away with these?

    4. if i took the dual citizenship route, will i still be required to take the boards in philippines, even if i intend to work in the sates?
    im not sure about this. phil boards isn't mandatory. had a classmate who didn't even take it. but, you should check the us state you wish to practice in the future. some may require you (not really sure) to be registered in the country you graduated from. you should check now, then check again before you graduate as rules may change.
    i'm assuming with dual citizenship, they'd allow to take the nle. would you advice to just do it, to be on the safer side (just in case if i'd move to adifferent state(s) even if it wasn't mandated?

    5. with just a student visa, will my tuition rate be more expensive than the locals'?
    yup, as a foreign student, your tuition will be higher, although not so much. maybe not more than $300 more, but again please check with the school you intend to enroll in.
    so with dual citizenship, i can enjoy local tuition rates completely?

    7. to u.s. citizens, did they have to make you attend relgious studies, cat/rotc classes in philippines?
    if you go to a school with religious affiliations, sorry, you can't get out of it. foreign students aren't mandated to attend the rotc classes. if you opt in using filipino as your nationality in school, you might have to take that. not sure if age is a factor or previous graduation
    i recently contacted a friend about this, and he said that rotc has been phased out long ago. and what do you mean by 'opt in using filipino as you nationality,'? do you mean to say that i can still retain nationality as an american despite the dual citizenship?

    8. which rn schools should i stay away from? and which are reputable by american standards?
    i'll pm you, once i can what school are ok.
    thanks in advance. by the way, i plan to take it up in visayas region.

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    Hi, all:

    I'm in a bit of dilemma. I'm a U.S. citizen aspiring to be a nurse here in the States, but I think I've finally hit my dead end. The original plan was to accomplish an Associates Degree in Nursing in a local community college -- cheaper and faster. My pre-reqs are all finished. All I need is entrance to an ADN program. In terms of transoportation I can only commute to a certain distance from home, as I won't have any means to transport myself. So that limits me to a few schools within the area. Unfortunately, two of those schools deem my science pre-reqs GPA too low , and this other school that I've applied to for three semesters (to no avail) is ridiculously impacted . I've thought about doing the LVN route but I can barely get a class now, as I've already maxed out my welcome at community college (I have two Associate Degrees). In addition, I'm not qualified for aid anymore, as there's a limit of units taken... obviously I've maxed out obtaining my two Associates plus my RN pre requisites.

    I've thought about going to private schools... but they're just too expensive and their credits don't seem to transfer over to alot of schools. I looked up an LVN program from this one private school and it cost around $30,000 ! Seriously?! An LVN program for 30k doesn't sound like it's worth it. And with the current state that the U.S. is in (US fresh RN grads having difficult time finding a job), I think I'd become very anxious with a debt like that without even a guarantee of employment. Then I checked the BSN programs here, and I checked out. I can't afford that. And it would take me a very long time.

    Here I am, so discouraged and wondering if I've just wasted my time schooling just to hit a freakin' wall . one of my science pre-reqs is in danger of reaching its 5-year recency (which most community colleges' limit). I can't support myself yet. I do want to become a nurse, but it's so challenging and competitve. I don't want to think that I endured those science classes for nothing. I'd like to see them be of use. So now I've come to the conclusions that I should get my BSN in nursing in the Philippines.

    Now I've been reading alot on this topic and read what the naysayers have said (cons). But perhaps things are different now in the Philippines (?). I'm a bit aware of the retrogression issue, though I'm not sure how this would apply to me being a U.S. citizen. The education is cheaper and there are good schools out there. I just really want that BSN! Are there any U.S. citizens out there who took this option? If so, what can you tell me about the experience?

    Here are my questions:
    1. Would it be better for me to obtain Student Visa or Dual-Citizenship?
    2. Are there any negative effects with having a dual citizenship?
    3. Considering my two Associates degrees, will all the classes I've taken be credited, thus making my class load lighter (or i can finish BSN in 2-3 years)?
    4. If I took the dual citizenship route, will I still be required to take the Boards in Philippines, even if I intend to work in the Sates?
    5. With just a student Visa, will my tuition rate be more expensive than the locals'?
    6. Will having an MSN in Philippines make a significant impact when one wants to work in the States?
    7. To U.S. citizens, did they have to make you attend relgious studies, CAT/ROTC classes in Philippines?
    8. Which RN schools should I stay away from? And which are reputable by American standards?

    I'm desperate, y'all. Please give me some helpful answers. Thanks.