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    Yes, I feel I had a well rounded clinical experience, however the time goes so fast, once you're finished I don't think you ever feel like it was "enough." I think you get exposed to a lot of things, but don't expect you will be an expert at any upon graduation. It'll give you a good feel for a lot of different aspects of nursing and might give you some ideas where you would like to focus after graduation. As far as I know the senior practicum was open to whatever area you are interested in, I know I got to do what I wanted. WWUSON just has a quality program, good luck to you!

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    I am an alumni of WWUSON and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them. It was my first choice in nursing schools and I do not regret my decision in the least. The faculty is wonderful, very professional and always willing to help. Clinicals were at Adventist but they were at many other facilities also. The program is one of the best ranked SON and you can expect to receive a quality education if you attend. I know I sound biased...I am. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

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    I've found that there is stiff competition everywhere. No matter what you'd "settle" for (part-time, temp, on-call) you're still up against stiff competition. And no matter that you've got experience in a certain area, it seems no one that's doing the hiring can see that experience transferring to the position they're hiring for. It's that same vicious cycle...can't have the job without experience, but how do you get experience if they don't give you a job? Very frustrating!

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    I've been unemployed for about 3 months now. I had been let go from my previous hospital job for no real reason (no previous warnings, no disciplinary action). I'm beginning to think it had something to do with low census or the economy somehow and they got rid of me before I finished my 6 month probationary period to be a full union member. I've been looking at everything; full time, part time, temp. I've even started looking "outside the box" into non-bedside nursing jobs. Even though I'm not a new grad, unless you are experienced in critical care or some other highly specialized field, there is nothing out there for the generalist nurse. It's very discouraging and really kills your self-esteem when you're constantly being rejected. It starts to really wear on you and you begin to wonder, am I a good nurse? When you know are/have been.

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    I have been a nurse for 4 years with med/surg and inpatient hospice experience. I am 45 and as of May, unemployed. I of course have been filling out apps like crazy and have gone on a few interviews but no job offers as of yet. Things are really tough out there for us "non-newbies" but "not-enough-experience"...I feel like we fall through the cracks. I recently read the 2009 edition of "What Color is Your Parachute?" It gave me new ideas on how to look for jobs (coincidentally the internet job searches are the worse way) and it gave me exercises where I can think about what I really want out of my career and plan logically for it. I'm beginning to think outside the box and I feel like I will turn this around soon and find my dream job.

    Look online for career information, start researching different jobs, figure out what your transferrable skills are and I would recommend reading "What Color is Your Parachute?" Be proactive in planning your future and I am sure you will get what you want too. Best of luck to you!

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    I agree with blueindigo, go for your RN it'll open more doors. Nursing is also my 2nd career, I thoroughly enjoyed school...I think having life experience behind you makes it easier and much more enjoyable. Good luck in your journey!

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    Quote from Preeps
    I will admit it here; I hate nursing too. And it takes a lot to admit it. I had such high expectations in nursing school. I was so inspired and excited. I worked really hard and graduated at the top of my class. Now, here I am almost 3 years later and I am demoralized and question my decision often.
    I have only worked on one floor and I can honestly say I had never run into such mean-spirited people in my life. No, not all. There are some nice people I work with but enough to make life miserable. Nursing is a second career for me and in my first one I never had interpersonal problems with co-workers but here. . . so it makes me think it is not me, but them. I hate giving report to mean people. For example, I worked yesterday, had 5 patients and discharged 3 of them! One of them the order was written at 5;00 and I got them out by 6pm. So I had a full admission at 6;30pm and another one coming. Had 3 diabetics to give insulin and six oclock meds and finishing up. But the nurse I gave report to was mean and ugly because I didn't get enough done to satisfy her on the admission. The money is OK and I should appreciate I am employed but I can't believe this is what I was so excited about initially.
    I worked at a place like that too. I have always worked in customer service (nursing is a 2nd career for me too) and was never treated badly by coworkers. I still like being a nurse but feel a little jaded now. I'm looking for a new "niche"

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    I think most jobs (at least all the jobs I've ever had) are at-will employment, so either they can let-you-go or you can quit for any reason or no reason. This just recently happened to me, let go with no prior warning and no real reason. I was never told that I had been written up for anything and I never signed anything. I'm not sure if it was "politics", a budgetary issue or if one of the manager's "pets nurses" just didn't like me...I tend to think it was the latter.

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    Quote from KeeperMom
    I am a senior in NS right now. I'm also older than most students. I got a job at the hospital as a tech so I am learning a lot and I have my foot in the door. It might benefit you if you get your CNA and at least get some start applying to hospitals to get your foot in.

    I also agree that a lot can change in 2-3 years. There are also a lot of non-traditional nursing jobs out there. I read a few years ago that a degree in nursing opens doors for more jobs than most other degrees these days. I know nurses in research, sales, working for insurance companies, etc. The one constant in nursing is that you can go anywhere in the US and use your degree. That's not true for engineering, marketing, etc.
    I think a lot will change in health care in the next 2-4 years and jobs won't be so scarce.

    I would love to explore other aspects of nursing as you have suggested (ie. insurance companies, sales, research, etc) but there again it seems you have to have experience before they will even look at you. Even trying to find a office or clinic job if you've only worked in a's just really difficult. I've read on other threads that BSN degrees are pretty narrow in employment scope and do not transfer over to other types of work as some other this really true?

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    Thanks for your encouragement everyone! I am depressed (mostly frustrated) but not to the point where I'm suicidal or anything, so don't worry about that. It's just that finding a job has always been fairly easy and now in this time it's just so's just hard for me to grasp at times.

    I'm keeping my eye on these forums for more advice and ideas as I continue to reevaluate my pathway to success.

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    I'm an RN with 4 years experience (in nursing) and a lifetime of experience in everything else. Due to some unexpected circumstances I was let go from my job the end of May. Now here it is July and I'm so depressed in not being able to find a job (yet). I have been reading through many of the posts here and I know it is tough out there for everyone, but not realizing until today that it's not "just me." Thanks to everyone for words of encouragement and suggestions that you give. Most of them responding to other posts but they've helped others too.

    Just to let you know I have taken several pieces of advice and am starting to really think outside the box to see what else is out there for me. Thanks again everyone!

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    i agree with newtexas and sun, you have to do what will make you happy. situations change, sometimes very fast and what works "right now" may not work next year (or next month even!). i was working nights (also an hour drive from home) at a job i loved but the stability (or lack thereof) of the company made me nervous so i began looking elsewhere. i found another job, not in the ideal surroundings, but closer to home and benefits were awesome, plus i figured since this was a very large company that i could get back into my "dream job" since i already had my foot in the door. well, to make a long story short things didn't work out the way i planned and now i'm looking for work again. the thing that's changed now is that because of the poor economy, it's very difficult to find any job at all. so while i'm applying to anything i'm qualified for, i'm really taking the time to reflect and reevaluate what my priorities are. although i really liked working nights because it was the most convenient with family life at the time, it took it's toll and now i think i'm wanting something days and with a smaller company again.

    you sound like a very bright person and i think since you are putting so much thought into making this decision, you will make the right one for you.
    good luck!

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    The only one I'm certain about is Kaiser as far as travel nurses, but as I look on different job websites there are several jobs around the area in critical care areas. Good luck!

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    I am very interested in what the replies to this post will be. I am not a new nurse but I don't have years and years of experience either. Sometimes I feel like I could "fall through the cracks." I recently lost my job and am looking for something new. I really don't want to get back into med/surg or shift work (I've never been drawn to any type of critical care area either). I've been trying to get back into hospice but in this economy those jobs are few and far between as well. I'm trying to think "outside the box" to see what else is out there but many of the positions are for advanced degrees or ones that expect you to already have experience. It comes down to that age-old question, "How do you get a job without experience but how do you get the experience without a job?" I'll be watching this thread!

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    Pretty difficult here too. Our market is saturated d/t several nursing schools in the area. However if you are an experienced nurse in a critical care area your chances are greater in getting a job. I don't think there's any city that can say there's a nursing shortage...not with the economy the way it is. Maybe try travel nursing to scope things out first, I know there's a few places around this area that use travel nurses. Good luck with whatever you decide!