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    Quote from Cajundude
    Its my understanding, it can be at Anderson, Muncie, or New Castle. They try to put you as close to your residence as posssible.

    They placed me in New Castle and I live in Anderson! I am hoping that I can change it!!

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    Quote from gilla
    What were your points for the Anderson region?

    I had 207. They actually are sending me to the New Castle campus which I am not thrilled about since I live in Anderson. I have two small children in preschool and I don't like being that far away in case of an emergency. I am hoping that I can switch to the Anderson campus once they get all of the accept/decline responses back. I am happy to have gotten accepted either way, so if I have to go there then I will!

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    Quote from mcjones19
    206 was the cutoff for Anderson. My classmate is waiting to hear if she got into the LPN program. Anderson said the LPN letters should be out next week.

    I am declining my spot for LPN in Muncie/Anderson because I got accepted into the RN, so that frees up a spot for someone!

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    I also took both Microbiology and Advanced Physiology. I highly recommend taking both. I absolutely love Micro!!