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    I actually just became aware of it recently. Although I considered it, Im already on the five year plan as it is and would prefer to get a Bachelor's since I'll be in school forever. I've heard good things about Parkland though.

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    Can I ask what school you went to/what sort of job you were able to get?

    Thanks again

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    Im hoping someone can give me a bit of advice because Im sort of in a pickle.

    I am currently a junior, well, about to be a senior, and was accepted into two schools for this Fall 2010. I was granted re-entry to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (I was there last spring 09) into the College of Applied Health Sciences for Community Health. Health Education and Promotion really interests me, and I really miss the university's atmosphere. Im just worried about the job prospects afterwards. However, I've been "pre-nursing" since I started college and i was accepted to Lakeview College of Nursing in Danville (after being denied at both ISU and UIC). If I attended this school, I would be commuting to Danville from Champaign which is something Im not really looking forward to.

    I was wondering if anyone who has been in my situation or attended either school could give me some insight? Nursing is something I know I want to do, but Im not quite sure if Im ready for it yet. I've been reading a lot about direct entry masters programs such as the ones at Depaul and Rush. If I decided to pursue a direct entry masters program, would a bachelor's in community health be a waste?

    Any information would be appreciated! Thank you!!!!