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    Thank you for your lovely post, it brought tears to my eyes. My cousin was blessed with a kidney donation 12 years ago. It is such a selfless and one of the kindest things one family can do for another.

    I had to go to the er yesterday (I fractured my ankle) and while I was there someone was brought in from an MVA who was DOA. As we left I bowed my head, prayed for the family and the poor soul who died, and I also prayed that they would choose to donate the person's organs to help so many others out there.

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    I was out to dinner today and a man started choking, no one around got up to do the Heimlich, and I had been trained to do it YEARS ago, but I figured that trying was better than doing nothing, and thankfully it worked. It's hours later and I'm still really shook up about it, I just can't calm down.

    I was going back and forth about going to nursing school and now I feel fairly certain that it wouldn't be the best career for me. :/

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    Wouldn't it be funny if one of the nurses (either Mike or Amanda) frequented this board? LOL

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    Congrats on your weight loss! There are a few things that you can do, after a string of bad relationships, I was seeing a therapist and she told me to "date myself," ie, do stuff for myself that I would want the other person in the relationship to do, so I took myself out to nice dinners, told myself I was beautiful, tried not to put myself down as much, spoiled myself (still can't believe I spent $40 on eyeshadow, but you know what? I love it, and still use it!). Once you get into doing that, you will see your self confidence go up.

    Once you find yourself ready to date (and take your time!), you can always have friends try to set you up, meet people at church/library/school, or do like I did, and meet someone on the Internet! At first I wasn't into Internet dating websites, but I got sick of not finding men that were on the same wavelength as me, so I finally posted an ad that said something like "twenty something female that enjoys reading, shopping, going to the movies, love my family and friends, traveling, I am looking for a serious relationship that will hopefully lead to marriage and kids, I'm sick of game playing, so if you're up for a game of Candy Land, please don't reply" And you know what? Eight months later, I'm engaged and have never been happier!

    Best of luck to you!

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    Your post brought tears to my eyes, I am so sorry for your loss, I wish you and your family the best, and you are in my thoughts

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    Ironically, I started a job today as an editor! So where do I sign up for my AN Grammar Police badge?

    My main pet peeves are the wrong form of its/it's, were/where, your/you're, they're/their/there, and there's tons more. I've been known to text my mom back if she spelled something wrong if a text, when she comments, I just say "you were the one who supported a journalism degree" lol

    Another thing that really bugs me, and a lot of people do this, is not putting the period in the right spot when using quotes. They always go inside the quote, fyi "I like to watch TV," she said "then go to mall."

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    I vote for the I-V Leaguers!!!

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    I start a new job tomorrow, it's pretty much my dream job, transcription and I get to write a book. I'm really excited, and it's kind of ironic because right before I got this job I was looking into nursing school, so I guess if it doesn't turn out well, I have that to look forward to. I am so nervous though! I have been out of work for over a year! How do you handle the night before jitters? I feel like it's the night before my first day of school (hopefully I don't have a dream about showing up late LOL)

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    Hi everyone! I have Celiac Disease, and lately I've been really bad with my diet, and I've vowed to myself that I'm going to change that starting tomorrow, so does anyone have any good gluten free recipes? I'm not much of a cook (okay, once I burnt water), so the easier, the better! TIA!

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    Quote from Paco386
    I thought a cat was a he or she, not an it. Just sayin'

    hehe... okay "this joke has lost some of its novelty" :P JK

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    Quote from livinthedreamRN
    I thought a baby was a he or she, not an it. Just sayin'

    HAHA, I was in a hurry and couldn't think of a better example. Okay, "my cat eats its food too fast and throws up" :P

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    Quote from vegastar

    I stopped watching after one of the nurses gave a GI patient a hand job as a way of thanking them for thier service to the country. Thanks, guys, that's just what we need to be taken seriously as health care professionals.

    Although I'm not a nurse yet, I would still think that may be outside scope of practice lol

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    From someone who isn't even a student yet, a big THANK YOU for working so hard and taking care of everyone, I really admire nurses and the long hours they work *hug*

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    Quote from healthstar
    I like Dr.OZ show. He is full of knowledge. I never get bored watching his show, there's always something new to learn.
    Seems like every time I watch he's talking about poop lol