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  • Apr 3

    Why would you not be able to accept a card?

  • Mar 12

    Also be aware that, in my experience, self-scheduling really isn't. It's more like self-wish-list, and management reserves the right to change it to meet the needs of the unit.

  • Mar 9

    If the hospital isn't offering raises, you aren't going to get one. All you do by "addressing the issue" is put a target on your back.

  • Mar 5

    So, some management genius is thinking that the prospective of not working holidays after 15 years would surely and right today emplore people to join, stay and bear all the following holidays for 15 years?

    Please let that dude know that in developed world there is one proven way to keep employees put : $$$. And, maybe, what is named "great atmosphere" for EVERYONE. Not only for long-time favorites.

  • Mar 3

    Your choices are:
    Wait a couple years for a more affordable program
    Go to Chamberlain and spend the next 10-20 years under a crushing load of debt. Student loan debt impacts where you can afford to live, if you can afford to vacation, what you can afford to drive for DECADES.
    Waiting for an affordable program looks like the better option to me.

  • Feb 20
  • Feb 15

    People of color cannot be racist. Race is a construct created by white people. There's a difference between racism and prejudice. There are some great resources to learn more about how race and racism impact all of us, including white people, such as The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond. It is has offices throughout the US and offers courses on race and racism. Also, you may consider learning more about the Civil Rights Movement and Jim Crow through visiting The Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, MS; the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC; the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN; or the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. Most cities--from Portsmouth, NH to San Augustine, FL to New Orleans, LA--have museums, sites, or plagues that detail some bit of our history of slavery as well as the Civil Rights Movement. Books like, the Warmth of Other Suns or the New Jim Crow, or movies, such as Ghosts of Mississippi or Selma, are great places to start to learn more. We all are hurt by systems of oppression and white supremacy. I am always learning and always thinking of how as a nurse I can work towards upholding the social justice portion of our code of ethics. For me this means learning about civil rights and working towards educating my family and friends and colleagues about our history. The Civil Rights Movement was amazing and there's so much we can learn from the organizing that was done, the courage, and the sacrifices. But, as a white person, which I am, it requires getting comfortable with getting uncomfortable and being willing to listen more than talk. I am always trying to do this, and sometimes I fail, but I think it makes me a better nurse and a better person.

  • Feb 15

    Evidence based research shows that 99.5% of nurses doing searches for evidenced based research are in school.

    Evidence based research shows that managers are 580% more likely to be out on the floor "helping" if joint commission is in the building.

    And...Evidence based research shows that wearing white scrubs to work carries an 80% chance of spilling coffee on oneself before the end of the shift!

  • Feb 15

    Quote from ThePrincessBride
    Why are you talking about races of people as if all black people or all white people act the same way?

    As for the south being racist, have you taken a history course? As a black woman, I would not travel south on my own for fear of my own safety, even with my white boyfriend. Yes, stuff happens in the North, but the South has a history of being brutal towards black people, hence the Great Migration where many black people fled to the North for more jobs, less racial violence and safety reasons.

    As for black people being racist, I'm not going to touch that as there is so much wrong with that statement. But I will say this: non-white people do not have the power to institutionalize racism against the majority or practice oppressive behavior against white people. With racism comes power, and black people, as a whole, have never had that kind of ability to wield against white oppression. Now can black people be prejudice? Absolutely.

    Black people can't be racist | Pambazuka News
    Uh oh ... now you've done it!

    Pointing out the false equivalence between dislike of the dominant culture by minority people on the one hand, and the systematic, often brutal enforcement of racial privelege by that dominant culture on the other, is a garanteed flame fest.

    The point of it all is to erase the existence of institutional racism and reduce the whole question to one of who dislikes whom the most.

    Good luck.

  • Feb 15

    Quote from Jedrnurse
    But what if it's REALLY good pizza...?
    Okay, so in NY...we want more $$$, more respect, and pizza.

  • Feb 15

    Quote from Been there,done that
    Experienced staff want pay raises and respect. Management knows this, but they would rather throw a pizza party.
    We should just close this thread right now, because right here is THE answer.

  • Feb 15

    Experienced staff want pay raises and respect. Management knows this, but they would rather throw a pizza party.

  • Feb 15

    Quote from SobreRN
    COPD is the 3rd cause of death, not med errors.
    1.Heart disease
    2.Cancer (malignant neoplasms)
    3.Chronic lower respiratory disease
    4.Accidents (unintentional injuries)
    5.Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases)
    6.Alzheimer's disease
    8.Influenza and pneumonia
    9 .Kidney disease (nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis)
    10. Suicide

    If someone who is about an hour from dying of COPD/PNA etc...and lungs are filled with fluid gets an accidental 2 litres of IV fluid when they were only supposed to have TKO it could be called death due to a medical error but it is not, it is still death from COPD; dying an hour earlier does not change that as there is no cure for COPD. Same with many, many things. If someone dying from stage 4 cancer had a week of Neupogen 'missed' and died from an infection which killed them one day before the cancer they did not die from a med error even if it was a contributing factor.
    But if we really want everyone to panic and think the nurse/doctor is going to kill them we call it a death due to med error.
    The COD is still cancer. Geeze, we have enough barriers to patient-provider relationships without this type of hyperbole.

    It all, to certain degree, depends on what is going on and by whom. That aforementioned guy with terminal COPD/CHF can be brought in ER from ECF with chief complain on "lethargy" or "AMS" after his Lasix got missed once and his Bipap mask leaks. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a liter of NS before ABGs get out for BP 80/45, then speedily tubed and moved to ICU where he gonna die. This death could be classified as "med error" times three (oxygen, Lasix and fluid overload from that saline), if one wants it to be that way, plus negligence and only God and DON know what else. Yet, if someone's heart cannot tolerate a liter bolus, it probably means that the Jesus' bus just here and waitin'.

  • Feb 15

    What you have to also realize is that nurses with experience do things simply out of habit and don't have to make a fully conscious effort. When I was bedside, I didn't take the time to hold each individual vial up and read it after I pulled it out- I did it all in one smooth sequence of tap drug name, reading and picking it up at the same time. Students and beginners tend to need to break things into steps- read the screen for the exact spot in the Pyxis drawer, pick up the vial, read the label, move on to the next drug.

  • Feb 15

    Quote from OsceanSN2019
    I was not teaching anything to the charge nurse as I was just shadowing her. Plus, I did all what she wanted me to do. And you are very rude. I guess the saying is true that nurses do eat their young...
    There was nothing rude about what she said. It sounds like you can't take any form of criticism, but are ready to dish it out.